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Thanks Tumblr Pro for the Top hat
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A real gentlemare
Shub-Yoggoth's avatar
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Somehow, I always found her more appealing when in "Pinkamena" in "worth-risking-your-guts-for" appealing, and even more so on this pic!
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What a cool drawing of Pinkie. She does look classy.
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My God this is amazing!
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Damn...if my avatar wasn't already wearing a top hat and bowtie, I feel as though I wouldn't be classy enough just to post a comment!
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This was already in my favorites, and now it's showing up on Equestria Daily.
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So classy; so classy, it hurts...

Seriously want to write a story about this; very well drawn, beautifully shaded and drawn with a unique style rarely seen.

Could I ask what program & corresponding tools you used to draw it?
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This? I think I used Photoshop for this.
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pretty cute! :3
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classy mena is best mena
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Dapper. Classy Pinkamena Diane Pie. Finally someone who recognizes a pony with class, style, and looks that kill. Sweet!!!
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This says Panic! At the Disco I Write Sins not Tragities ALL OVER!
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i like this so so much!
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There was a mare
A very strange, enchanted mare
They say she wandered very far... very far...
Through the land and sky

A little spry
And mad of eye
But very wise
Miss Pie

And then one day
The magic day she pranced my way
And while we spoke of many things
Cakes and wings
This she said to me

"The greatest thing
You'll ever learn
Is just to laugh
And be laughed at
In turn."
theroyalpain79's avatar
That is so... so... true.
Pinkamena loves you too.

Maybe I was a poet.
But I didn't know it.

Seriously dude this is cool, sometime is wish I could write poems like that, and they actually make since.
JoeEngland's avatar
Thanks, but I can't take much credit.  It's based on the lyrics to "Nature Boy" from Moulin Rouge.
theroyalpain79's avatar
That makes since. I am definitely not a poet by any stretch of ones imagination, but I do like a good story every once in a while. I'm just surprised that some people on here actually like some of mine.
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"If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
Why don't you go where fashion sits,
Puttin' on the ritz."
SuggySnuggleBunneh's avatar
Keeping it classy I like. 
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Wow!! Very cool!!!!!!
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It looks like Vinyl took a shower, didn't spike her hair, and left her glasses at home. Although that sentence could apply to almost anypony :P
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