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I felt the comic series needed a cover artwork, a simple one, not too crowded.
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Perhaps I should also explain why I decided to make this story. Well to put it simply, I was deeply saddened and heartbroken by what they did to Barriss, turn her bad all of the sudden, and against her friend Ahsoka, just for the cheap story move to create drama and tension. I’ve grown too emotionally attached to her ever since she first appeared on the series back in late 2009, and because the writers and directors decided to condemn her into a villain, I now see hatred for her, and that hurts me.

And I had heard that Barriss will not make another appearance for any of the upcoming bonus content episodes, if the rumors are true. She may never get the dignified closure that she deserves canonically speaking, So at least making this makes me feel a bit better that I was able to create one, and I’m so glad to find many people that approve and support my little story, so thank you all so much.
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