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Coco Pommel

I think she is adorable.

Well this is a pleasant surprise,  EQD has featured my work as the header for their recent Drawfriend.
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Can I use this for a fanfiction I'm writing? I'll give you credit.
RaikohIllust's avatar
Since you mentioned that, ok.
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Amazing, simply Amazing. ^_^
PinkieLoveAll's avatar
She's such a cutie.
Bubblegumdove's avatar
I too think she is adorable. I also feel that your colour work is awesome.
Flutttershykindness's avatar
I love Coco, her voice is awesome, this looks so awesome too!Her mane and her eyes...Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity 
Lovely as always, plus it's of a really cool new character. You earned that Drawfriend header!
Dakathi666's avatar
She is so cute!
teipig's avatar
good for you:D
mounstroso's avatar
Rarity+Fluttershy=Coco? Oh btw no shipping it's just like a mix of Rarity and Fluttershy in my opinion
MyrkSuki's avatar
Great use of brush work/brush work mimicry. 
RePoisn's avatar
New 2nd fav pony. ^^
SpikelyWhiplash's avatar
Fluttershy's got some competition.
AffinityShy's avatar
Lovely work! She's one of my favorites too. Congrats on getting your piece featured on EQD's Drawfriend header as well!
aramadon's avatar
I too think she is adorable.
(I want to see her in fan fictions now)
DeJiKo07's avatar
She looks beautiful! Best new character!
Hybrid147's avatar
From the second that I saw her, I new that people would love her.
A beautiful pony with a beautiful soul and heart!! Just finished watching the new was wonderful! This is a great portrait of Coco.
Fist-of-doom's avatar
One of the best secondary characters this season
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