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Fantastic. I loved that chimera ^_^
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Holy shit yes.
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Wow, awesome! You really nailed that chimera - sinister and fierce.
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That was one heck of a beast
Not to sure why AppleJack had the cheese for the goat but whatever
I know some others may want to see more Gilda or Sombra and their reformation, but I would love to see this/these charcter(s) and see her/them reform! Perhaps it could incorporate Zecora somehow too! 😁
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This is very cool :)
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I always knew that the Chimera would find its way into the MLP folklore, and looks like I was right.
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It looks amazing!
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Next thing you know, Celestia turns out to be a homunculus.
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This show never stops amazing me.
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Loved her (them?).

Your usual mythological monster, but sentient and malicious enough to openly declare that they're going to eat another sentient being in Apple Bloom.

Made even better by how all three heads argue with one another.
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absurdly cool
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That is truly a great representation of it <3

Now all we need is a good fan song for it.
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Oooh! Wouldn't want to run into one of those in real life! Oops! 
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A Manticore now a Chimera 0_0 !
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Technically, before Chimera, there were Cockatrice, Hydra and Cerberus as well. All of which are mythical creatures
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Wait wasn't it after :I ?

Cause I swear the Chimera came out in Season 1 Episode 2 of MLP FiM, but yeah know this are all mythical creatures just not mentioning anything about any order of any of this creature shown in within the series :P
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That was Manticore.
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kinda spaced out on their names while writing this one, what I meant on that part was Manticore
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