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Playing around with a semi anthro design.
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Another thing I like to mention. Even in a cartoon world of MLP:FiM, ponies can't stand upright but very few can.
There's Pinkie Pie :iconmlppinkiepieplz: Octavia Melody :iconoctaviaplz:, and her 'relative' Fiddlestick. And there's Lyra Heartstrings :iconlyraheartstringsplz: but only in our imagination. Practice I guess.
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I've been thinking since my first time being a brony, how do they turn their shoulders even in the show? Shoulders between a  biped and a quadruped are very different, unless MLP ponies somehow have flexible shoulders.
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Well it's a cartoon, and cartoon's physics don't always apply to real life, so they are free to move the characters as they want to.
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True, still I like to think they have flexible shoulders.
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Smexy and cute love it
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The perverted part of me had to go and ruin this picture with the question:  When they get older, where will their mammaries grow in, will that in the chest area like a human, or down near their 'hind' legs where ponies have them?
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The writers have clarified the M6 are adults, so their mammary glands would be located near the hind legs. However they are entirely unnoticeable until the last few weeks of a pregnancy when they begin producing milk and swell. They return to the nearly flat size after a few months once the foal is grazing as well. As far as I know, only humans have permanently engorged mammary glands.
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Not bad, I like! Fluttershy is being oh so modest.
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Hey of course Fluttershy would try to cover herself up.
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This is the sorta style I prefer to use.
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neat designs. I like them!
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Out of the six you drew my personal favorite is Rarity.
You captured her perfectly. :clap:
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I like how you captured Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
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Looks very nice.
I like semi anthro. :)
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They look awesome with their different poses.
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Lovely pose for each horse, suits them right. :clap: 
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Their navels certainly... attract notice :blush:
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Rule 63 Frieza here.
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I think you captured fluttershy perfectly. 
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Pinkie Pie is kinda chubby :D little tubby chubby pony cuz she eats too much sweets. 
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