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Barrissooka-Week Set

Here's a little, (well not so little as it turned out), project I did on the last 7 days on a new blog I created There you will find each of these images separately.
Day 1 is about an AU of the girls as humans, and this is my interpretation of what they might look, Ahsoka's was particularly inspired by drawing I'd seen around tumblr that had a look very similar to the one I made.
Day 2 is about the fact that they both share diamond shaped markings on her face, simple as that, I didn't had much time for something more complex on that day.
Day 3 is and AU where Ahsoka is a Mirialan and Barriss is a Togruta.
Day 4 is just a nose kiss, yeah I couldn't think of anything more clever on that day.
Day 5 is certainly the most radical idea, an AU featuring a Unicorn Barriss and a dragon Ahsoka.
Day 6 was a about Barriss' force heal ability, which may or may not be canon anymore given that they never showed her doing that on TCW, but in my head canon she does have this.
Day 7 and finally, I was struggling a bit with how I wanted to end this series, I made a couple of different ideas sketched out, and in the end I chose one where the now adult Barriss and Ahsoka end up adopting a Twi'lek girl, and they named her Luminara, in honor of Barriss' late mentor.
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I don't like Barrissoka, but this is too beautiful not to fave.
RaikohIllust's avatar
You don't? But I thought you had previously made some past comments on older barrissoka works saying that you liked it or somehintg?
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You must be thinking of someone else.
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Fantastic work Raikoh! :) 
The first and last one are my favourite.

In the 1st one:
The African features of human-Ahsoka fits perfectly (even though if it was inspired by another source)
And I always thought Barriss seemed to resemble that of North African/Middle-Eastern features; therefore the pair compliment each other neatly.

The 2nd one:
It opens doors of possibility to explore: living and growing together as a family, lgbt rights to adoption (as well as lgbt rights in general, as the Barrisoka fanbase has demonstrated time and again), the continuation of adventures with Ahsoka & Barriss...and a little one make three! ;)   
The fantasy creatures one is adorable!
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They are absolutely gorgeous, all of them.
My favorite is day six, Barriss healing Ahsoka always hit me. The Twi'lek girl called Luminara is a nice concept. Well done :)
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I need a Barrissoka month, lol.....

Wonderful work :):):)

Like Crimson, I am a sucker for their happy endings :):)
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They all look amazing! What a wonderful idea. I wish I had the time to do a render a day Barrissoka week. My favorite is definitely Day 6. I've always been very fond of Barriss' Force healing ability and I like the moment that you created between them. All of these are very cool on their own though! The last one really is a good finale piece. I think you aged them beautifully - it's also a happy ending and you know I'm a sucker for that :D
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Impressive work as usually. :)
jharmenta19's avatar
Right in the feels. Very beautifully done. 
She-WolfOfTheNorth's avatar
This is so amazing. Especially the last one. :)
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I love the last one:D I hope you do more with little Luminara:love:
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