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Barriss Story pt 4

At last I finished the fourth part of the comic, and I am certain that the next won't take me as long is this did, because this story's about to end.
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wow! This is so good I'm literally holding my breath.  
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She recognized her immediately? Wow. :)
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I hate to  ruin the fun but barriss is stil a jedi when order 66 is launched.
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That was the old storyline, you should realize that the in the clone wars the writers, and Lucas tended to change and retcon past elements from the expanded universe for a lot of characters, including  Barriss in her case. So her still being a jedi during order 66 is no longer cannon since she had become a fallen jedi before that happens in the finale
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This just means that Revenge Of The Sith Is a different world than the clone wars.
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no nothing from the clone wars will cause a change of the movies canon
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I meant that the clone wars is a different world then the movies.
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well it all depends with a new trilogy in the making if any clone wars characters or events are implemented then the series is apart of the movies
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Can't wait for the next part! Though, I really hope this isn't Barrisoka...but if it is, guess it's your art so do whatever you want with it. ;)
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Why? have something against this pairing?
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Well um, yes, I do have something against Barrisoka. ;) I am a strong Christian and do not believe in homosexuality. However, I understand not everyone has my same beliefs so if you do choose to make this "romantic", I won't bash you for it. :)
You don't believe in homosexuality? Well sorry to break it to you but it exists. I know it was just your wording of it, but it was still silly.

I'm a strong Christian as well, and my belief is that the only reason God was against homosexuality was because of his wish to be fruitful and multiply. 

There's 7 billion of us. We need to stop being so fruitful with our multiplication. The old rules in Leviticus are null and void, and very few people follow most of them.

I hope you can come to see this someday so we might better work towards a world of peace and acceptance. 
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I know homosexuality exists, but that does not mean I have to agree with it.

God never changed his mind about homosexuality. The world changes, but that does not mean God changes (which he hasn't).

I'm sorry, but I well never agree with you on this subject.

If God doesn't change, do you eat pork? Any lobster, or clams? Do you cut the sides of your hair? How about wearing polyester/cotton clothes? All of this and more is in Leviticus, where everyone quotes the one line about homosexuality. 

Saying you'll "never" agree is very close-minded. I stay open minded, and no one has convinced me homosexuality is a sin yet (or at least it isn't anymore).
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i'm not going to bother about the mis interpretation of the verse
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Is it a Barrisoka pairing or a friend saving a friend?
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Just wait until the end to find out.
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I can (honestly) hardly wait :)
Barriss: "You can't fool me. I Recognised your fighting style ahsoka."

Ahsoka(right?): "Yeah, well done, less conversing, more running, eh?"

Bit surprised that formation of guards seems to have taken Ahsoka off guard. Not too confident of their chances if she failed to plan for every Jedi, clone and cop on Corouscant being after them.

Otherwise, you do good work, I like your style.
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(See's new chapter) Yay! :D (reads description) awww :(
Well, sad truth that all good things must come to an end but I here's hoping for more Barriss afterwards.
Anyway back to the artwork, blimey I had no idea you could draw water so well, nice rain effects for the first panels and the reflection of the light on that lake is amazing.
That pannel with the guards falling into the water easily the highlight of the whole comic, it not only looks immense but feels immense, the long walkway that defies gravity, the figures as small as ants and how they fit a lake underneath this building. The order sure likes to splash out (heh, splash out :D).

Can't wait to see the final part, I'm sure it'll be great :D
great job its looking good
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On one hand i'm happy to see that the next part is coming soon on the other I'm kind of bummed that it's coming to an end.
But as long as the end is satisfying I'm happy.

Now speaking of your comic.....
I really love the way you drew the scenes. It has a very surreal medieval Gothic sense into it despite being set in a sci-fi fantasy setting(Then again Star Wars was sci-fi fantasy). 

Also the way you drew the execution chamber In which is a hollow empty semi-cavern with a somewhat bottomless lake(Kind of similar to the boss chamber in the Forest temple of Twilight Princess) it makes it a bit scary in a good way. I guess is more due to my fascinating phobia of water. Not that I'm scared of it. It's more being alone under water in the middle of an infinite ocean. No way in or out. Maybe more of a primordial sense of fear. 

Now I'm interested to know why did Ahsoka saved Barriss. Does she want to give her another chance or does Ahsoka have more sinister moments(Since she's still in her executioner uniform and with that helmet one can't read her emotions)?:evillaugh: 
I guess I have to wait till the final part......right here on Dragon Ball Z.....err I mean Star Wars The Clone Wars....umm I mean Barriss Story. 
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Very awesome and inspiring. I can't wait for the next part :squee:
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