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Barriss Story 06


For those who can't see it, try this…
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That was awesome. Powerful storytelling. Always wanted to know what happened to the character. This is perfect closure.

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* cue this at the very end of this story you created *

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Is there an epilogue?
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Yeah, except that's not at all what happened.

Asohka didn't quit everything. She became part of the Rebellion.
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Well This is my own story, and I can create my own path story without the need to stick to canon because I can disregard parts that I don't like. And FYI, this story takes place before the Clone Wars even ended, so the rebellion did not yet existed, and I did made follow up illustration that shows her being part of the Rebellion years later. Operation Lothal by Raikoh-illust

This is fan fiction. You can do anything you want. All you have to do is believe in the story you're writing. That's the power of this genre. I've done a few fan-fics myself. They are super fun.

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That you like it, or not, changes nothing to the facts. Bariss went insane and willing threw Asohka under a bridge. I watched the episode. Bariss' face had no regrets, or remorse. She, in a very warped way, believed that she was right.
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She did showed remorse and regret towards Ahsoka after their last conversation at the temple, and again as she was being taken away. but if you don't think so, so be it. 
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Her actions were not ones of malice, but desperation and frustration.
I personally wonder if Barriss had intended to break Ashoka out after framing her. Let the trial break Ashoka's trust in the Jedi before getting her out.
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man that is moving!
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To sad, literally almost broke out in tears. To bad she is going to most likely become a darksider if she survives. 
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Cool story bro. Very emotional.  Here, have a single manly tear.
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wait, I don't think ive seen this, my bad.
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This really touched my heart. I can't stop tearing up from how emotional this is man. Respect bro
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Bear Emoji-33 (Sad) [V2] I love it! still though... I wished that the whole season 5 thing never happened. 
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Why didn't you do this comic like the other ones, because i got the first five and I want to look at this comic without using Microsoft word.
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I mentioned on my deviation comment that If you can't see this version, you can see this other version on my blog…
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Yeah but I got the others and I want to see them all one time instead of using Microsoft word to see the last page of it.
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I love this story. When I first saw your Barrissoka artwork I saw a story in it that could have been right there in the Clone Wars series right under our noses. Thinking back to the episodes makes you wonder if it was. Your art also inspired me to start writing a short story about this very subject, but you beat me to it. Cudos. A excellent story and,as usual,artwork to match.
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You should work for the Dave Filoni. It was...amazing and touching.
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:iconrlytearplz: That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen 
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