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Barriss Story 02

Alright, second part here. You can also find part 1 here in case any one might not had seen it [link]
So far the story has been rather slow, I know, but I'm working on make the next part/update be more action-y and exiting
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I want to make a GREEN MILE reference, but I don't want to be racist... specist... she's a Mirialan and they're green.
Venom-Reaper16's avatar
noooo. I just can't think of her dead.
tomytieneblas74's avatar
She deserves a second chance.
jay-ultica's avatar
reminds me of bleach
oh dear i wonder if the execution is going to happen, barriss was so kind and beautiful
Yeah, "was" (I meant on the kind, she is still hot).
Kulibrach's avatar
Wow, most impressive!
I think it could be used like a story board for tCW ;)
I cant wait to see next page.
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Oh I hope Barriss doesn't die!
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I really like the art style you are going with this.
Bennitus's avatar
Beheading with a axe? O.O I hope Ahsoka will stop the execution...
Twazzi's avatar
O.o I thought they'd behead her with a Lightsaber or something not a giant axe
Please don't let Barriss die.
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You have me on the edge of my seat, Raikoh. Well done. The light shining down on the execution spot....incredible. It's almost spiritual in a way. My selection of music for this: "All Boundaries are Convention" [link]
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Interesting music.
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I don't know if you've seen "Cloud Atlas" (cool movie) but Barriss in these part 2 scenes reminds me a little of the character Sonmi-451, also going to her execution.....
RaikohIllust's avatar
haven't seen that movie.
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It's a complicated, beautiful film. The theme is that characters in 6 different time eras struggle against a form of corruption and slavery, and they are all connected by fate. Sonmi-451 is a clone that rebels against corruption in futuristic Korea.

Though the circumstances and choices are different, Your art reminded me of some parallels between Barriss and Sonmi and their failing societies. :)

Trailer: [link]
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Thank you :) I can almost hear the march as the guards take her closer to the executioner....and then...something that happens in part 3 :)

Can't wait.....
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The distant shots and angles take my breath away. You certainly are building up to something incredible....
Barricade379's avatar
Beheading? YIKES! More like a Sith excution.
JoeHoganArt's avatar
AWESOME shot choices, dude! Really dynamic!
RaikohIllust's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you mentioned that since it's something I'm wanting to get better at doing.
JoeHoganArt's avatar
Yeah, you're taking risks and it shows! Good payoff! Keep up the good work!!
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Poor Barriss. I know she did some heinous things but this might be too cruel for her.
I didn't knew that people still used old schooled axes in the Star Wars universe.
I wonder will Ahsoka make an appearance in this story?
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