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Ahsoka chillin' out

My entry for the :iconahsoka-fan-club: art jam. The jam was about making a picture of Ahsoka in the real world and just doing something us humans regularly do. In this picture I thought about her using a computer late at night. because I myself am usually still on the computer way over the night.
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Got to remove those socks

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If Ahsoka was real and I saw her at my computer in my house, I would pull up a seat, sit next to her, and give her a hug.

“What the!?! Ahsoka Tano? What are doing in my room in the middle of the night? Wait, what are you even doing here on Earth!?!”


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The detail you put into her eyes.... I could stare at them all day, I swear. Absolutely stellar work and a very cool concept and execution of it!
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Hm... Ahsoka on Earth, doing normal stuff, wearing casual clothing and living in a normal house.... I REALLY want someone to do a story like this now! :D
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:happybounce: Gorgeous!
This is really really nice~
Its so somehow a very calming image~
Very serene~
The colors and lighting are just fantastic~


Nice job with this friend! I am a dummy! Love Headbang! 
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she is nice by doing regular things.
and man you will never stop to impress me!!!!
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ahsoka looks so lovely
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I am in love with this picture........ and Ahsoka.
and that probably newer(much much much)....(much)newer than my 8 year old ppc outdated but i am content...

anyhow love the image :)
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I like these subtle pictures of Ahsoka way more than the "sexy" pictures that make her look like a whore. this way she's just a normal "You don't know your beautiful" Gilr

I'd hate to quote one direction, but i guess it's appropriate for this.
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on second thought, that isnt a good comparrison,
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So cute. In a non-explicit, Non-dorky way. Too good for words.
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Alright, why does everyone draw those markings on her wrists, where is evidence of them? I see them everywhere
i know it puzzles me as well....
But she's using a Mac. A MAC! Why?
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Only thing that could make this better would be if her hand was down her panties. I don't know if you do explicit images but it woud be awesome to see one with Ahsoka playing with herself. Maybe even with Barriss and Riyo watching her.
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no no no! That's weird!
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Just chillin' in her underwear in front of the computer what an awesome piece and I lover her eyes.
Now that ses normal but Ahsoka makes it awesome.
*seems (iPhone doesn't pick up all letters.
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Ohhhhhh, Ahsoka. Those gorgeous blue eyes. As clear and beautiful as the waters on Manaan.
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