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you can[not] redo

Another anime fanart :O Asuka is awesome.

This piece is heavily inspired by Bluefley 's //TITAN3 by Bluefley

If you have never seen his work - go take a look at them, he is an amazing artist.
Like my art page on FacebookTwitterTumblr  :happybounce:  much appreciated! I also have INSTAGRAM, so follow me there!

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Wow! It's so awesome! 👼🏿✨💋

gotta admit tho its pretty awsome

she loos like taylor swift

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Happy 18th birthday, Asuka! 
Like to see the next Evangelion movie
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Need to get back to Cyborg, I enjoyed the first few episodes but got sidetracked
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I'm speechless.. That's a masterpieceLlama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
I really love Asuka and that's just one of my favorite arts of her!
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Such an amazing masterpiece! :thumbsup: :clap: :
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Is there a version of this big enough for  a desktop background? 1080 would suffice. This is really good, and I want to add it to the collection.
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Look at the download button
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Hmm... "1366 x 838". Not seeing how that helps me.
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1920x1080 version?
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This is absolutely awesome, as with your Rei piece.
Are you intending to do one with Shinji and Eva 01?
I'd love to see that!
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Waoh, she's cool!
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