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Widowmaker - Talon Skin

Widowmaker's new skin 

Did this on stream at

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you get to see my sketches, some WIPs, and it means a lot to me! :D (Big Grin)

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She's got a very cute face!
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Wish the actual skin looked as nice as this one :/
Missing-Nins's avatar
totally stunning!!!
Surdy78's avatar
She kills her husband :D
666hakyeon666's avatar
can i have your art style
samurai-lordomega's avatar
very beautiful nice job on it
This looks awesome i love the look in the eyes :D
kannibus-tun's avatar
We gonna omelette du fromage...
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First widowmaker talon skin art i seen and probably the best. this skin needs more love for art and use :3
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I've always loved your art
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waaa XD so beautiful XD
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I like your art. But I think this skin is something Blizzard could have worked on a bit more. I don't really care for it.

Anyhows, great job!
Agreed, great artwork but the skin is not that great. The gun looks cool though.
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Idk, you guys.. I like the concept of Widow having normal skin. But eh, that's my opinion
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Oh, the problem isn't the skin, it's the outfit looking kind of crap.
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