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Mostly  painted with iPad Pro/procreate over a pencil sketch I did a few days ago~ I still personally find it difficult to paint cleanly on the iPad and as a result the style is a bit sketchier lol - I did it clean it up a bit in photoshop tho :O


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Gosh dang, now that is gorgeous! ovo
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Wow, beautiful art!
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I love love love this <3
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I love the attention to detail in the piece of shoulder armor and in Gae Bolg.
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I know this character.  She's from ancient Irish mythology and trained the hero/demigod Cu'cullan in the warrior arts.  You did a stunning job in portraying her.  I hope you do more portraits of ancient Celtic deities.  :)
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She is so intimidating and awesome !
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Great art! Do you have full figure art for this character?
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whoa! awesome!
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This looks awesome!
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It's so pretty *o* 
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So beautiful woah :3
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Omg.. So Beautiful *O* <3 <3 
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The less polished look actually adds something to this. Don't be so quick to discount it, the matte style works just as well, imo.

💕ing this loads ;)
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