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OC cute

When will she have a name ~_~

Thanks for all the suggestions so far! <3 

I imagine she lives in a futuristic cyberpunky kinda world, bit of Star Wars in there too..
OC Concept by raikoart

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you get to see my sketches, some WIPs, and it means a lot to me! :D (Big Grin)

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she looks more at home in Mass Effect
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I like it,It is nice in this picture is also good feeling, cute and sexy.
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you gonna name her?
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that title it the nail RIGHT on the head :D
she does look cute, makes me want to hug her :hug:

and if your still lost on a name how about stella (latin for star) or estrella (spanish for star)
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Very nice ;)

I honestly thought it was Spider-Gwen. :D
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Tess. Her name is Tess.
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That's a really great design for an OC. That hairstyle is actually the perfect one for a character I'm about to put in one of the stories I'm writing. Could someone possibly help me describe it but instead of blonde it's white?
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Platinum blonde?
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I meant the style of the hair, I was going to make her hair a jet black with tiny streaks of blood red, I'm sorry, I should've been clearer
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Very cool. She looks like a character from one of my old stories who also lived in a futuristic cyberpunky kinda world. (though a bit less Star Wars-ish and a lot more 1984-ish)
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may I suggest "Telsey" as a name for her?
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I love your OC, what personality and skills are you going to give her? 
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Diana? She kinda looks like a Diana to me.

Sophie, Silver, Siri, or Shira?
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She's a cutie ^^
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Hm ... Kiara comes to mind.
And she's seriously cute.
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I'm thinking......Aurora, or Aura for short. 
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