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"There's so much fear..."

Sith Lord Elsa.
frozen elsa icon :shakevader: 

Character belongs to Disney. Had even more fun with this one - Part 2 to my Jedi!Elsa, haha. Didn't use reference for the pose for this just to test myself, had a few problems here and there, but I think in the end I am quite satisfied with the result, though there are still some problemsss. I particularly enjoyed designing astrodroid 01-AF ^^
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Process here:

Sith Lord Elsa Process by raikoart

Jedi Version here:
Conceal, don't feel by raikoart

Previous art:
Erza Scarlet Sketch by raikoartAlexstrasza the Life-Binder by raikoartRei Ayanami by raikoartLeague of Legends: Luxanna Crownguard by raikoart

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PALPATINE:Your transformation to the dark side is complete

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Great Work!

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This absolutely made me see Elsa as Dark Lady of the Sith, brilliant!

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Oh, god, she joined the Dark Side. :(
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Now I want, Jedi Anna Facing off against Sith Elsa.

That being said, this is really well done. 
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Of what my hate, lust, or perhaps both? 
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whoa that is amazing <(^.^)>
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The song (I caught it for the first time ever on my Pandora account recently) is a very Sithy song anyway, all about busting loose from chains that bind you.  Of course, the movie (which I had to hunt down and see just this past weekend because of the song) also shows the problems of busting loose without restraint.

I guess that's why I'm a Gray Jedi at heart.  There are times when you can be honest with your emotions and let them flow, and times when they just get in the way.  The trick is walking that balanced middle path that neither Jedi nor Sith wants to admit exists.

Also, a much belated awesome pic. :)
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love the reflection of the lightsaber
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The force is strong in this one...
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Both of these pictures paint a sad portrait of the Jedi and Sith. The Jedi can accuse the Sith of many things, treachery, tyranny, cruelty, but the fact is: most Sith wouldn't exist if the Jedi didn't fool themselves into thinking they were above their natural emotional needs.
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I like the mashup a lot! Wonderful character design!
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Learn to let go, you must, of all that you fear to lose.
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Dark elisa ^^ cool
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Wow, this is really cool:)
Well done :)
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Love the mix :3
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The dark side never bothered me anyway.
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this is awesome~!
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disney have to contact u for the next work
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I love this crossover concept! 
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