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November 20, 2016
Gorgeous night lighting adds to the mystique in Kaliane Andurome by raikoart
Featured by TsaoShin
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Kaliane Andurome

A Night Elf rogue ^^

I had a lot of fun with this! I've been waiting for a WoW commission for ten thousand years

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you get to see my sketches, some WIPs, and it means a lot to me! :D (Big Grin)

Recent work:
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Wanna play this Game so baaad

Looks amazing!

Greetings from Germany
awesome job, was just wondering what armour set is she wearing? 
Kertae's avatar
Absolutely lovely.
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ValAndy7's avatar
I am a large fan of the Blood Elves and I love my Horde Elves more.

Really like that set this other faction elf is wearing though.
mystikcelt's avatar
zomg. only word i can think of to describe the sound of my jaw hitting the floor over this amount of awesome
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i loved this night elf, so beautiful *-*
n2n44's avatar
really outstanding :)
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The whole mood of this picture is epic! Great job :)
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:deviantart: Congrats on the DD! :heart: :clap: :deviantart:
WizardPuppy1's avatar
I love the detail in the armor.
WizardPuppy1's avatar
Especially the iron part. You really know how armor works.
mea00's avatar
Very nice! Congrats on the DD
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Skele-Frisk-20's avatar
Woah! Is this Nixiom for Super Planet Dolan?
DelicateWildflower's avatar
I THOUGHT SO TOO XD And is your name a reference to undertale?
DelicateWildflower's avatar
Awesome! I love undertale
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