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Freelance work I did for Dragoborne last year.

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she remember me like look arpia mythology +favlove +favlove +favlove +favlove 
nice job 
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Always amazed by your style !
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You're amazingly talented with your art
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very catcher !!!!
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Reminds me of Rinoa. Very nice
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I didn't know Saria from Ocarina of Time had a sister lol
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That is amazing the details and the lighting is amazing
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this is Ben Shrekpiro

you libtards better not be in his swamp

Ben Shrekpiro by xX-DrPlague-Xx  
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Wow your lighting is crazy good
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This is an amazing illustration! :D I especially like how you did the wings~
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Love the highlights!
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Love the pose and angle. Everything about this picture is great, really.
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WOW!!!Clap Clap :happybounce: Love :D (Big Grin) Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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