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Azula sketch

Moar profile sketches with no reference. 2hr.

I actually learnt drawing profiles from (and is greatly inspired by) Artgerm.
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Mmm... this painting looks like it was drawn with a very fiery passion! Very appreciable painting it is!

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fiery hot beauty of the fire nation

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I love the power in her expression.
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She looks both regal and menacing good job
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Beautiful work, She was my second favorite in the show.
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Nice effect with the flames here.
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for some reason . i'm so in love with her.... 
Sketch?? Azula SKETCH!? You, my friend, have an awesome sketch 😍
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She is really beautiful here Nod 
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That doesn't remove the fact the she was crazy... o.O (still, I agree with your statement)
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She is so beautiful
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Wow. Just wow.
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This is absolutely gorgeous.
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You captured her personality very well, :D It looks great!
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The Almighty Fire Princess...
wait wrong show...
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