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Quick 002 piece - Zero Two is one of my favourite characters of all time now >.< Up there with Lightning - Pink hair is a coincidence :p expect more art of her soon!

Anwyay, painted this along with another 2B piece at - If you're interested in seeing the process, I >>think<< the VOD is still up. I worked on each painting 15 mins at a time, was fun ^_^
2B by raikoart


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She's cute...I need another one

laiaben7's avatar

My room flooded after seeing last episode, I wasn't crying you were.

1HEROforFUN's avatar

the anime is worse then this XD

warrior31992's avatar

Like to see the series
Fectis's avatar

Great art. Good anime, except for the final episodes.

Vanijali's avatar
haha she looks so smug
SocQA's avatar
Beautiful work, she is just gorgeous
UpgradeKirito's avatar
I'm sentimental remembering the anime. Made me cry. Anyways great painting.
SassanMeetsTsuki's avatar
i love how you made her, you gain a watcher, let`s support each other! 
MadMaddiey's avatar
Zero Two, I always see fanart of her but I never knew who she was. Great painting
IndependenceAvenueDA's avatar
So dang cute! You captured her personality well.

There is no hair color quite as attractive as that somehow natural looking pink, huh? Well, accept White/Platinum hair. But you already
know that (just ask Tess), don't you?
knarf-3's avatar
Dat hair toss.
Souless-Ghost's avatar
HeySani's avatar
I love the way you draw hair q-q
Princesita-bonita's avatar
AWWWW this is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! QoooQ
ZeLegendXXVII's avatar
Thanks so much for signing one of me earlier at APCC dude, I didn't expect you to be there uwu
I finally set up my DA after 1 year oof
Gareque's avatar
Absolutely phenomenal piece...
Sparkle1princess's avatar
Pink haired satsuki
Metalraptor's avatar
Gorgeous artwork. :D
dacringeyfangirl's avatar
She looks like Sakura Uchiha in a sci-fi movie.
rutikina's avatar
Heart Zero two!! 
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