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So...this is my first Journal entry because I usually have zero use for journals, even the private paper kinds.

But I really wanted to write something here by way of plugging. I finally started up a project I've been planning for about six years, now. I have a website where I can post up the stories I've written. All of them, at once, in the same spot, and not have to worry about the rules of various fiction sites, because I make the rules.

If you want to check it out, it's at I just got it up and running a few days ago, but I'm planning to update with about 500 words of story every day and I'm hoping to do a different story each day, until I finally run out of ideas.

If anyone else wants to join, I've put the directions in the sticky post. I'll let anyone register and I'll give anyone an author account if they ask. I'm really pretty lenient as long as no one's an asshole.

That's all I really wanted to say. I hope you'll check it out and enjoy it.
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Submitted on
February 17, 2009