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Hand Tutorial - Hand Tips



You want to see more step by steps, videos or sketches. My inta is the perfect place for that. I will update my old art and after I am finished, WIPS tutorials and videos will be the content I want to post OwO

I really should do more of this little tutorials. :O They are a lot of fun and great for a warm up, before I try to sketch something new.

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Should I be ashamed of the fact that I couldn't complete the first step?

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Very good! Haha, the ✨✨✨ around the hand :)

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:la: the final touch xD

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The bishie sparkles are really the finishing touch

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they are x,D I couldn't resist to draw them :D

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Now, at least, my index finger won't look weird!

Thanks alot!

P.S Also thanks for the "Llama Badge"💖

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Thanks for the tutorials, they help with drawing!

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Looks really realistic :3
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UH. Thank you savior. xux;;

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I missed your design tutorials

cool hands nwn

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Thanks, I have issues drawing hands like many other artists, so this will be helpful

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