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A Warning In the Force... [FOTJ RP LOG]
RP Summary:
Following the destruction of Rehab, Thanaxton was gravely wounded, having taken the full brunt of an advanced level of Force Lightning known as a Force Storm. His first stop after the battle had been to the Space Station Oasis, where he had been treated and stabilized enough to be then moved to and released to the care of one of the Jedi Temple's Halls of Healing, where he would continue his care and rehabilitate. During his time in the Temple, he is visited by Eve-Blair Adenn, recently placed in charge as a Caster for the Order. She comes to check up on him as one of her former Shadows, but also to bring a warning of sorts... that a storm is coming and it could have l
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 2 0
Blow to the Empire: Rehab's Destruction P2--RP Log
Continued from "Blow to the Empire: Rehab's Destruction Part 1"
Summary: While several other situations went on across the infamous Rehab, Thanaxton along with a number of commandos were sent in with the task to flush out and exterminate the Warden Darth Pittura, while they took down Rehab. While he engaged the primary target, the commandos would be tasked in obtaining whatever information they could manage to get from the computers and to either rescue those held captive there, or to execute them, if they were to far gone from what was done to them while being captives. While the commandos dealt with their respective duties, Thanaxton confronted Darth Pittura within what appeared to be one of the science labs. The battle was inten
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 0
Blow to the Empire: Rehab's Destruction P1--RP LOG

~Made for the following~

:iconzacharyfisher: :iconstarflower295: :iconasirensmelody:

 A warrior known as Brother Garian, arrives on Rehab in mid 317 ABY shortly before Jedi Crusaders under the command of Jedi Masters Wetho and Hesarius, attack the space station. Garian was sent to the station by Sith apprentice William Suerta to find a way to free Jedi Master Thalia Nerkio, but had found himself in an argument with the station's Warden, Darth Pittura. When the attack began he headed for Thalia's carbonite prison,
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 0
Dues Vult: Returning from the Shadows...[RP Log]
RP Summary:
Thanaxton has returned from the shadowy existence of the past handful of years to the world of Coruscant, where he has been summoned by Jedi Master Wetho to discuss his return to the fold of sorts to the Jedi Order.
Upon arriving, he made his way to the temple to speak with the Jedi Master over the purpose for his summons, which was to see if he would return to the Order to join and assist with sharing his knowledge and experiences as an agent who hunted the Dark Side for so long. Thanaxton would join the Jedi Crusader's, a newly formed sector of the Order whom become the blade the Order and the Republic, who would specialize in hunting, tracking and destroying the Empire and the Sith, hoping to at least cripple the enemy enough to take then down for some time before they would be able to recoup enough to be a threat again anytime soon. After what seemed like a somewhat lengthy discussion,
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 0
Books of Umbra (Archival Database)
Basic Information
Creator/Manufactuer: Lord Umbra
Alternate Names/Designations: The Shadow Archives, The Wyndfire Testaments
Item Type: Archival Database
Cost: Invaluable
Weight: Varies (Multiple Physical Tomes of Various Weights + Secured Highly Encrypted Electronic Record Backups x 2 at a time)
Availability: Rare
Year Introduced/Created: Estimated sometime just before or after 290 ABY, Exact date unknown; Electronic Backups estimated to have been created around 300 ABY, if not a year or so before. 
Current Owner: Lord Umbra
Legacies: Ell ("L") and Talon Dalik
These individuals are the persons most likely to inherit the Books and it's secured electronic archives in time when Umbra decides it is time to grant them access to them, so they may continue to add to the expanding tome's with their own additio
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 0
Rehab: Battle of Wits... and a Challenge? [RP Log]
RP Summary: After Lord Umbra's previous Encounter with the Mad Witch Tharax, he is sent to the lucrative and disturbing place know in hushed whispers as "Rehab". Supposedly a place where those in power send those whom they feel do not support their ideals, to undergo 'modification' to either be brainwashed or tortured to accept a new 'view' of things before being allowed back into the galaxy as a whole. Lord Umbra spends nearly two months there, held in the Level 3 containment known as the Isolation Cubes. 
As much as it seemed Tharax hoped Umbra would be changed by his time there, it seems the eloquent and intelligent Lord Umbra was unable to truly be broken, no matter what they tried to do to break him. Other then the handful of blackouts where he has no memory of what may have happened, though tis suspected either experiments or wipes of his mind of previous attempts to correct him that failed,
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 0
Another Encounter With the Mad Witch [RP Log]
RP Summary:
Lord Umbra has another encounter with the elusive and dangerous Tharax. His ship is caught within a sort of tractor beam and he is paid a visit by the paranoid and mad woman's essence whom seems to test his loyalties in a twisted way. His attitude towards her doesn't bode well for the paranoid woman and she decides to have him sent off to the elusive and disturbing detention area known as 'Rehab'.
RP Log:
:iconThe-Red-Right-Hand:: There was an air of tension in the Empire, tension internally created by the sudden rise in power of the Demonic Legion, the internal conflict regarding the Mandalorians, Darth nebula’s up and coming trial and of course Darth Shabotos being stripped of his role on the Imperial Council, and Darth Tharax’s new role as High Inquisitor, a role that had already seen a lot of Sith and captains experiencing ‘extended leave’, though everyone knew they’d been shipped away to Rehab. With this change of hats a
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 3
A Change of View [FOTJ RP Log]
RP Summary:
Thanaxton is approached by an unknown individual  who is keen on recruiting him for a new sort of groups of operatives who act much in a manner of a fusion of the old Republic SIS and the sub faction of the Jedi known as the Shadows. He meets with the recruiter of the faction to determine if he's interested or not in joining them.
RP Log:
:iconThe-Red-Right-Hand:: Out in the far reaches of independent space was a small station, a trading outpost for freight ships that hopped between one territory and another, it was a dump at the beast and a place very few ever stopped at. In a back room was a dim light and a figure sat under it at a small table, in front of her a collection of papers and holo cubes, behind her a gall robotic figure waiting at the side line. It was only until the room shook as a super tanker took off that the light swayed softly, revealing the face of Kira Xel, acting general of the Republic army and head of the Republic Shadow operative
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 0
A Summons and a Proposal...[FOTJ RP LOG]
RP Summary: 
Darth Shaboto summons Lord Umbra to meet with him in order to discuss a proposal of sorts to the young Lord of the Sith. Lord Umbra arrives in response to the summons in order to hear out the elder Sith Lord. Darth Shabot has called upon Lord Umbra to discuss the return of the "Demonic Legion", an army of largely Devoronian and Stynax based members who once served the late Dark Lord Kadavas.
As the discussions progressed, Shaboto laid out the groundwork and details of the army as well as what he sought from Umbra in relation to the Demonic Legion. Umbra would work alongside of Darth Enigma, the current Marshal of the army and it current commander. His duties would include assisting and working alongside them, but also acting as a teacher or wisdom to temper and balance out their 'extreme' tactics. While working alongside of th
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 0
Thanaxton's Saberstaff by RaijiMagiwind Thanaxton's Saberstaff :iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 5 0 Lord Umbra's Saberstaff by RaijiMagiwind Lord Umbra's Saberstaff :iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 4 0 Thanaxton by RaijiMagiwind Thanaxton :iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 1 0 Lord Umbra by RaijiMagiwind Lord Umbra :iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 1 0 Kritanta Werda by RaijiMagiwind Kritanta Werda :iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 2 0
Chasing the Warrior - Kril'dor(RP Log-Event)
RP Summary: Lord Umbra has been sent on the daunting task of either taking down and eliminating or capturing the slightly infamous Jedi Master Wetho and stopping them from completing any missions the male may have been sent to do on Kril'dor. 
Log Notes: Due to various circumstances beyond both our control, such as jobs, dAmn chat issues and pulls of family and friends during the busy 'holiday season', we were unable to play out the RP for the event to a full on completion. As such, discussions were had via a chatroom of Wazwazwaz's as to the discussion and agreement roughly of how we felt we should have the RP 'end' as to allow for MaxRoss to be able to complete the Kril'dor Aftermath post so it could be put up by the date they had in mind for the release of the Aftermath Log.
A copy of the discussion can be viewed in the link provided. Wazwazwaz sh
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 2 0
Sorcerous Wills..A Battle of Minds...(RP Log)
RP Summary: Lord Umbra made a visit to the ambiguous station most called The Wheel, where he had initially made the stop to use as a moment to allow himself and his ship and its small crew to get some R&R as well as take on supplies they could pick up there. While there, Umbra followed an instinct to chase after a 'intriguing' signature that piqued his attention, which brought him to the door of the crazed madwoman and powerful Sith Sorceress, Darth Tharax, one of the handful of key Sith whom pretty much controlled the Sith. 
Her power and prowess was enough to make him perhaps a bit smitten of the powerful female, albeit his advances were not taken well. A small power struggle broke out and while he managed to hold his own in a battle of the mind and not be broken or destroyed, Tharax broke through his heavy mental barriers to push him into the Hollow Plane 
:iconraijimagiwind:RaijiMagiwind 0 0

Raiji Magiwind's Fate of the Jedi Archive

Quick space for ease of finding stuff relating to the RP Chatroom and group.


Group Side:

Raiji's FOTJ Archive Folder

-+-Raiji's Resin Army-+-

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A brief overview of thy Dollfie the names to go to galleries and to learn more about them...:)
You can also go to there page on Overload Alchemist Studio to learn more about them in general:

Icarus and Vesper by RaijiMagiwind | Tsuna At the Memorial Day Parade by RaijiMagiwind
L: Icarus with Vesper | R: Tsunayoshi "Tsuna"

Let's Fight... by RaijiMagiwind | Angel or Demon? by RaijiMagiwind
L: Edward Elric | R: Wahrheit "Tiashe"
-Glomps if you recognize the name and manga series it from...

Sleepy Little Lotus... by RaijiMagiwind | Meet Amaimon... by RaijiMagiwind
L: Allen with Loyus | R: Amaimon

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RaijiMagiwind's Profile Picture
Jennifer Cornelius
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Photo courtesy of my friend Leah, Taken at Shuto con 2017 --

Real World Side: 36 -Female
Other Stuff: I identify in general as genderfluid and pansexual....
I have no gender pronoun preference, though you if you wish to be 'formal'...
Her(s)/she when feminine; Him/he/his when masculine
Or feel free to use the neutral they/them/theirs or the zee/hir...
Or just call me Raiji (Rah-gee). Raiji may be easier overall for most. It's more or less my artist alias/pen name/stage handle/persona, etc... Hell TBH, short of close family and co-workers (as far as my 'legal' given name), pretty much everyone knows or calls me Raiji... I mean hell most of the local cosplay community refers to me as Mama Raiji or Con Mamma Raiji...

The Dossier:
My passions include anime, manga, drawing, the Occult, reading, writing, GFX stuffs (Sigs, Avatars, Wallpapers, Banners, etc), and video games. I’m also a avid role player and cosplayer!

I’m a fanartist, as well as original works I also do a variety of GFX stuff. Photography is another, I also hit several cons. The tools of my trade are many...

Is a collector and photographer of BJD’s. I am Raiji Magiwind on Den of Angels (when I bother to visit anymore). I currently own three LUTS boys, a Bory, an Abadon and a Maska Elf; named Tsuna, Icarus and Tiashe. I also own a Edward Elric DiM MnM Head on a Leekeworld body, a Dream of Doll Hoo named Allen Walker and a Soom Bygg named Amaimon.

I am the semi famous Philemon, and runner of the Dark Hour gathering at a few conventions. I am also the one you may have heard referred to around Midwest cons, and AWA or Otakon as the "Edception Edward", because of the fact I cosplay Ed with a BJD version of myself (Edward) in tow.

Skype: raijimagiwind (I'm on here once in a blue moon these days...)
I do also have a Slack, Discord and a Zello and such as well...

Discord is the best way to reach me these days if not by DA Note...
Discord Handle: RaijiMagiwind#5603
-If possible at least message me on DA or something if you add me or if I do add you on Discord, at least tell me who you are once I ask...;)

Pokemon GO Friend Code: RaijiMagiwind || 3024 7077 1540

Owner of the DA Groups


"Retired" Staff Of:
--FreeBleach RP
--Forever Homestuck


Retired Groups/Closed
--The Dollfie Alliance (Founder)

--deviantWEAR sizing preference: L-Pants, XL- Shirts...Men's usually preferred. More for the fit and durability usually. I don't need no 'sexy', hip hugging shit...>.>.

--Print preference: I usually like Matte 8x10's if available. If not smaller sizes...

--Favorite genre of music: Anything TBH, though I seem to enjoy Soundtracks, J-Rock/Pop, House/Techno and Tribal

--Operating System: HP Envy 15 w/Touchscreeen- Windows 10 OS

--Personal Quote: "Live, Love, Laugh and each moment as if your last..."

--The webpage that tells you all the places I hang pretty much and stuff

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Agent RaijiMagiwind; Cell AM01-KILO-02; Metro Detroit Region
Current Level: 8



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