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Ayyyyy first video on my CT YT channel
Most of the videos I'm gonna make on my Corruptony YT account is just weird, creepy, questionable, and sometimes funny videos

Mostly creepy and funny bc those are Corruptony's main 2 personality traits :^)

I had so much fun voicing Travis oml

Is it safe to say that I'm getting better and better at voice acting and audio editing
Don't worry this isn't a negative vent this is actually a positive vent (WOW SO SURPRISING)

Ever since I stopped animating Tomsworld, I felt so good..since Tomsworld was good at first but than it started to become like a fucking choir and I felt like I was forced to draw/animate these AU characters.
These characters were never mine to begin with, and I knew that since day 1. I just felt like I owned them because, of how much I drew and talked about them.

But July 10th will always be an important day for me. It was the day I FINALLY stepped out of my comfort zone. I redesigned the TW characters into something original, and it was really scary at first.
Because, I thought you guys would hate it since, most cartoon reboots/redesigns nowadays mostly get negative feedback and I was afraid of getting only negative feedback and being judged harshly.

But..that didn't happen at all. You all loved them so much, that ya'll even made fanart not too long later. It made me so happy because, I thought you guys would leave me.
Thank you all so much for always being there for me and always being so nice to means like the entire fucking world to me. <333 :rose:
Part 1

Tord: Somehow sneaks into Edd's house OH HELLO OLD FRIEND
Edd: Oh hey what's up I remember you I'm not even gonna ask or wonder how you got into my house but let's hang out like old times
Matt: Who the fuck are you

Part 2

Tord: Pulls a giant robot out of his ass JK OUR FRIENDSHIP WAS ALL A LIE AND IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN
Tom: Fuck you Shoots Tord's giant robot with his harpoon gun
Tord: B L O OD
Edd: Okay guys I got a new house let's live in it and forget all about Tord lmao

Alternate ending

Tord: I'm sorry : - (
Edd: It's okay I forgive you even though you killed my neighbor AND almost killed Tom AND almost fucked the world up I'm just gonna forgive you and not even worry about the shit you caused
Matt: I forgive you too, Tord uwu
This is an apology I would like to make. Why? Because, it seems to me that I don't even attempt to talk to others about my problems..and it kinda makes me look bad.
Every single time I get sad, I just post how I feel and barely reply to any of your guys' comments. That is NOT okay of me.

For now on, the next time I get sad or angry, I'll actually get off the internet for a little while and talk to my mom about my problems.
Since my mom is actually really helpful, and she's been where I have been many times. I'm sorry for always getting sad or angry everyday.

It's really annoying and repetitive, and I WILL stop this behavior by getting actual help this time.
I'm done with this behavior of mine and when I get help, I'll come back on here to tell you all what happens or what is going to happen.

Again, I'm sorry. You all shouldn't have to put up with my shit everyday like that.
This is just a vent about something that meant so much to me. I know I have all the right to bring it back, but I just don't know anymore at this point.
I just really miss you realize how much Tomsworld means to me? Tomsworld literally changed my fucking life.

I remember on March 24th 2017, I created Tomsworld. So many people loved it. I started out with Eddsworld on my channel, and that's what gained my popularity.
Than I moved on from Eddsworld to Tomsworld, and even MORE people loved it. People were subscribing to my YouTube channel like CRAZY.

I also got popular on DeviantART as well all because, I posted never-ending stuff about Tomsworld on there. I was really happy with where I was.
Than on July 16th 2017, I created Corruptony. His old nickname was "Corruptom'' because, he was the evil counterpart of TW Tom. He wasn't TW Tom's older twin brother quite yet.

Than people started making fanart of Corruptony, and started making speedpaints and animation memes including CT, and I was just so baffled. People loved CT this much?
Anyways, overtime I started to give each of these AU characters original character traits and even more personality pale in comparison to the original Eddsworld.

I was starting to make Tomsworld as if it was like my own thing now, but it wasn't. These characters were never mine to begin with. I just...had a thing with these characters.
I would draw them every single day because, I had some-sort of connection to these characters. I loved them so much, and they meant everything to me.

Than on July 10th 2018, I redesigned them into my own characters because, it came to the point where Tomsworld didn't even feel like an Eddsworld AU anymore.
It was really scary to step out of my comfort zone because, I was TERRIFIED at what people would think about the redesigns.

People loved them. I was so shocked?? But..some of my YT fans left me because, they couldn't handle major changes/originality.
It didn't bother me so much because, I expected it to happen.

But now...I just really miss the good ol' days of my random EW/TW videos...I laugh at them every single time I re-watch my old videos in general.
They all had no plot or storyline to was just randomness and comedy...

I don't know if I should bring TW back or not..I know my fans wouldn't have any problem with it...
Since Tomsworld isn't 'dead'. It's just something I kinda left behind me because, I knew I had to move on. It was extremely hard for me because, I've been drawing these characters for over a whole entire year now.

I literally felt like I actually owned these characters in the palm of my hands because, of how much I drew and talked about them.
They meant so much to me. Even if they were just my versions of original characters, I didn't care. They were literally apart of me. Without them, I wouldn't know what to do.

But people love TnF more because, it is it's own thing and Tomsworld was never original to begin with. I just made it seem original by doing so many things to these characters.
I really miss Tomsworld....and it will always be in my heart no matter how old or unoriginal it is.....

Now I'm not saying that I'm suddenly bringing it back. I'm not ever bringing it back. It's just gonna be something I draw every once and awhile, since I like to come back to the classic Tomsworld sometimes..
It's dog shit
Corruptony: Clapping ANI-MATION MEME REVIEW
Alright so this 'animation meme' is 3 years old but I don't care I'm going to watch it anyways and might fall asleep from the lack of stuff happening

Corruptony: ... WHAT DID I JUST WATCH? It's literally just a dog bobbing their head for 43 seconds!
Issac: Dude, I think that was a fox.

Corruptony: W H A T E V E R 
Alright let's watch this animation meme and see how this goes

CT: ... Slowly nods head and stares at the camera 
D I S G U S T I N G  &  B O R I N G
Okay, I really need to address this. It's been going on for quite sometime now, and I need to make a journal about it. So lately, I haven't been eating enough and getting the right amount of sleep. I know myself matters way more than online, but I can't help myself. I love the online world, and the whole reason why I'm on the internet 24/7 is because, I'm used to being on here all the time. I also feel like if I take 1 single break, everyone will leave me because of it.

I just kinda ignore eating and getting enough sleep, and I don't realize how I'm fucking myself up until I start feeling cranky and lashing out on my parents from time to time.
Yes, I lash out on my parents sometimes. I don't ever mean it, trust me. Sometimes I just snap at them and I feel really guilty not too long later. They kinda get mad at me for it, and I can obviously see why.

I have full authority of myself, and dealing with all of this isn't helping. Not to mention that I deal with the following: ADHD, OCD genetics, Anxiety genetics, and eczema.
ADHD & OCD genetics fuck me up the most, and I got those 2 things from my dad. I don't have full-on OCD, but I do have OCD genetics..I have proof of it:

-I wash my hands almost everyday
-I clean the kitchen everyday

-1 little thing that's out of place or seem crooked to me will make me have an urge to just make it look perfect
-I organize the objects around me in a specific matter

-Sometimes I say to myself: "I'm gonna have a nightmare'' and I start obsessing over it and sometimes it actually happens which is actually kinda scary
-I hate being filthy and I prefer to be clean 24/7

Those are signs of OCD, but I don't have OCD. It's just genetics. I do have ADHD, though. I get distracted easily, I want to do everything all at once, I sometimes plan everything in my head, I can be pretty hyperactive sometimes and don't even realize that I am, I get bored easily, I procrastinate a lot, and I'm also pretty impulsive. Idk, just thought I would vent a little.........I'm not really okay..
a beginners guide to destroying the moon by Jesshh

1) Jesshh 

The way they do the linework, the textures, the colors, the shading, the background, and how they are able to capture different kinds of atmospheres in their art pieces.
And it just inspires me to use unique color palettes and textures like they do! Go watch them. They're amazing!!

Courage the Dog by Themrock

2) Themrock 

Ya'll already know how I am with extremely cartoony art styles, and this guy sure has skill with cartoon art styles. The expression really suits Courage's cowardly personality, and the mouth inside the mouth is a really funny touch.
Not to mention the colors and details on some parts of his body. Like the details around his eyes, the little details on his tongue, and everything about this is really good. Go watch them. They're incredible!!

74547547754747475 by Ips666

3) Ips666 

Holy hell, does this cartoonist have a thing with bright colors and silly characters. The shading and colors on this cat character (Forgot her name from the old SparkleCare Hospital Webcomic) is amazing.
The chill yet bored expression she has really brings out how she's really feeling at this time of the drawing. The heads in the jars behind her really are quite disturbing yet funny because, of the way it's being portrayed in this kind of style.

All in all, please watch them!! They're freaking magnificent! 

(REF) Mystery Burns by Sleepykinq

4) Sleepykinq 

I'm pretty sure ya'll expected Skrill to be on this list. Well, here he is! And my god, does Mystery Burns inspire me. The way Skrill stepped out of his comfort zone to get rid of his same face/body syndrome takes legit guts.
Skrill didn't care about the amount of people wanting his old style back, he continued doing what he loved to do. The different head shapes and body types he gives to each of his characters inspired me so much to get rid of MY same face/body syndrome.

Since I had it REALLLYYY bad last year. Mystery inspired me the most, if you couldn't already tell. His head shape and tall skinny body type inspired me to do the same to Corruptony.
His tall skinny body type and triangular head shape just felt so much better on CT, so I changed that onto him and kept it since then. Of course, I didn't get TOO inspired. Just the way Skrill portrays his characters inspire me and helped me so much to improve.

Please watch Skrill, he's super cool!!

do what you want as long as you stay here by SansBirdie

5) SansBirdie 

I too draw with a computer mouse, and I'm pretty sure I could draw something like this, too! Anyways, this was by far my most favorite piece by Sophia, because:

-Pastel color palette
-Cute art style
-Cute expressions

It's just...AMAZING?? I love the texture, shading, and warm and fuzzy background. Really wraps the entire piece up like you're tucking yourself in for bed.
Please go watch Birdie. She's improved so much on art style, animation, and herself as a whole.

you're going to regret that by sparklingdemon

6) sparklingdemon 

My god..where do I begin with this amazing artist? They were my fucking hero. They were the reason I started drawing with a computer mouse in the first place.
THEY WERE THE REASON WHY I DID WHAT I LOVED BACK IN 2011-2012. A huge inspiration, an idol, MY HERO RIGHT HERE. 

I still love everything they make. I don't care what it is. Unoriginal, original, fanart, ect. They mean so much to me, and I wouldn't have been here at all if it weren't for SparklingDemon.
Please look at their work! They've inspired me so much!!

after watching hentai video by huslu

7) huslu 

My god, this artist inspired me so much last year. It was just the way they drew humans with white skin, simple backgrounds, and just an overall cute art style.
They also made me love Eddsworld more, so god bless them!! Go watch them!! They're amazing!!

Eddsworld poster by eddsworld

8) eddsworld 

Ofc Edd would be on the list!! Alongside the other members of Eddsworld. Eddsworld means so much to me, you don't even know. Eddsworld is like..apart of me. Without Eddsworld, I wouldn't have a fanbase.
Without Eddsworld, I wouldn't have so many friends that love and care about me. WITHOUT EDDSWORLD, I WOULDN'T HAVE MADE MY TOMSWORLD AU THAT IS STILL ALSO APART OF ME. 

Edd meant so much to everybody. He meant the MOST to me. He was such an amazing person before he died a couple years ago. Fuck you, cancer. Hope you burn in hell for what you did to Edd...

''It's pretty swell." -Edd

Ren-and-stimpy-wallpaper-5-744573 by RAIINY-SKYE

9) John K

Holy fucking shit, does John K inspire me so much. Not only his amazing artwork back in the 90s, but the way he portrays his character's personalities. Especially Ren Hoek.
Ren's personality interested me the most. A trigger-happy and crazy asthma-hound chihuahua that you don't ever want to fuck with.

The details, the art style, the colors, the backgrounds, the gross yet comedic humor, THE CLASSICAL MUSIC THEY USED IN THE SHOW. HOHOHOHOHO, INSPIRATION OVER 9000. I love John K. I hope to be like him someday.

62589236048126 by RAIINY-SKYE

10) Danny Antonucci

I think it's quite obvious to see from my art style that I get inspired by Ed Edd n' Eddy. Fun fact: Back in 2017, I was a bit inspired by Ed Edd n' Eddy and I was kinda obsessed with it. 
At around September 2017, I started to imitate the old Ed Edd n' Eddy art style. (Like the early 2000s one.) I started to use different art tools in Paint Tool SAI, and I'm still using the Spread tool to this day.

I just felt like this old early 2000s Cartoon Network art style just grew on me. I felt like I needed to have a very old school art style like Ed Edd n' Eddy. Not to mention the wobbly linework I use a lot in my drawings.
Also the colors they used, the way they portrayed each character's personalities, the amazing humor, the way each character treated each other, and the way the Ed boys were always after jaw breakers. Ah, good times..Yet, so inspirational to me.

Alfred Snap by gogetass4

11) Emily Youcis

I know this art wasn't drawn by Emily, but it does feature a character of hers that inspires me so much even to this day!! Alfred Alfer. A dog that is seriously fucked up.
He's a necrophiliac pornstar that wishes he was real and he wants everybody to love and appreciate him. I'm still really curious to know the full backstory behind this very screwed up dog.

It's just the way Emily portrays him can sometimes be funny because, of her expressive cartoony art style that looks to be heavily inspired by John K.
Wouldn't be surprised if she was inspired by John K, considering I get inspired by him as well!!

The unique colors she uses, the way she shades, the animation style she goes for, and the up-close shots she does really reminds me of the 80s-90s. I think that was what she was obviously going for.
She inspires me a lot, holy shit. Emily is so funny and talented, and I wish I could meet her IRL.

Welp, those were all my inspirations. I've been meaning to make something like this for a while because, I love to express my thoughts and emotions on the many different artists that inspire me so much. :^)
Yeah,'s not that bad, first of all. Sure, most of my YT fans are actually nice to me.
But when it comes to character redesigns, title changes, and name changes?? Hohohoho, some of them can even leave me.

Does it piss me off? No. Does it sadden me? No. Does it make me happy? Yes. They can do what they want, I don't really give a shit.
It's called having opinions, and I respect that. But don't fucking bash me into animating/drawing something I don't want to draw/animate anymore.

Let me do what I want. I'm not going to do what you want anymore because, honestly? I'm not listening to young triggered children anymore. I'm getting older, and it's time for me to face it.
This entire summer was literally just me going through so many character development phases, and some kids leaving me doesn't bother me at all lmao.

But here is way different. I can express myself more, I can share my opinions on certain things, I can talk to my fans, and I can get less pissed off here.
Yeah somethings on here can make me mad, but not all the time.

Also like 95% of my fans on here actually support and appreciate my work, & 5% of them just sit on their ass and joke around 24/7.
Like why watch me when all you're going to do is joke around 24/7 and not take any of my art seriously whatsoever. It's not bad to joke around, but constantly? Naw naw naw.

I'd rather be on here than YouTube. The YouTube community in 2018 honestly sucks ass, and you have to do what YouTube says or you'll get banned, terminated, or even suspended.
YouTube in 2018 is literally like a school. We all are the students and YouTube is the teacher. Do one single thing wrong, and we get punished for it.

Even if it wasn't intended, we still get punished and it's honestly really fucking stupid. At least DeviantART has decent enough rules, unlike YouTube.
Where YouTube has become so oversensitive, and I just wish I can go back in time to when YouTube first became a thing.

Today's society has become so shit, and it makes me so sad.
Corruptony and Travis n' Friends isn't Eddsworld related so don't put any of my TnF and CT art in an Eddsworld folder
Just wanted to say that encase ya'll are confused or smth
Uh forget the hiatus I'm doing better now
I talked to my mom and she gave me advice on my sleeping problems and the other problems I have with my life

And she's really supportive towards me and I love her so much
So uh I'm so sorry for worrying some of you with that latest status update

I was actually having a mini panic attack at the time I posted that
I got up from the internet and went to my parents, and they're like a therapy to me

Instead, a REAL therapy to me
They help me all the time and I can't thank them and you guys enough for always being there for me

I'm not trying to scare you guys anymore
It just kinda happens, ya know

Anyways, I'm doing okay now and when it comes to hiatus', I instantly regret admitting that I am going on it when all I really am doing is taking like a 1-2 hour break and it's really stupid
Just because I barely ever draw/animate Tomsworld anymore, don't pretend that you don't know what Tomsworld is.
You clearly know what it is, so please don't say: ''What's Tomsworld'' when I've had this AU for over a whole year now.

Yeah I do the same thing because, my friend does it and I thought it was acceptable so I started to pretend as well.
Which was kinda a bad idea on my part because, it made me feel like shit and it lead me into overthinking things.

It's okay to not like Tomsworld btw, everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on AU's and original series'..but when you pretend to not know what it is, it just makes me feel like shit...
And it also makes me feel guilty about myself for starting this whole AU.

So uhh..just don't pretend anymore, okay? Thanks..
Okay..but the thing I don't fucking understand was why did people feel bad for Tord in The End Part 2?
He legit just snuck into Edd's house out of the blue in the first part, and pulls a giant robot out of his ass in the second part and attempts to take over the world with it.

Like yeah, I can really see Tord being evil...but why was he so goddamn evil? That's my question.
I felt like the writers of The End Part 1 & 2 could've done a bit better on giving out the real reason why Tord wanted to destroy the world.

Because taking an old character and suddenly making them evil seems like you're not even trying to give them originality or a real reason as to why that character became evil.
I also feel like they were trying a bit too hard on making The End Part 2 look like some overly dramatic anime scene or something..cuz' the whole ''I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND!!" thing sounded too serious for my taste.

I know that it was meant to be the most serious eddisode ever, but I just felt like they could've put more time into it by doing a tad bit better on the writing.
But hey, that's just my opinion lmao.
Just because I basically stopped drawing/animating Tomsworld, that does not mean you have the right to just straight up steal/own my AU characters.
You can only make your own version of Tomsworld and that's it. You can't just take them and say: ''WOW TW TOM IS MINE NOW BECAUSE RIP TOMSWORLD : (((("

I worked pretty hard on these AU characters. I've given them so much more personality and actual ORIGINAL BACKSTORIES.
Tomsworld means so much to me and even if it's basically gone now, I will always love and cherish it in my heart.

If it weren't for Tomsworld, I wouldn't have a goddamn fanbase or I wouldn't have met all of my close friends.
Btw, I've had Tomsworld for over a whole year and when you just straight up steal my AU characters, it pisses me off to the max.

So just don't steal and or/take the entire AU for yourself..That's just really mean, man. If you're going to make your own version, credit me at all times.
Also I know I've never owned the Tomsworld characters in the first place. That's why I say "AU characters'' because, they're MY versions of original characters.

But just because I'm not drawing/animating them as much anymore, that doesn't mean you have the right to take/steal my entire AU like it's some toy left out on a dusty shelf.
That's so fucking disrespectful at all levels, and it's like you don't even care that I poured my entire soul into this AU.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
Alright ya'll so Imma just tell ya'll about a dream I just had not too long ago


So this dream was pretty fucking weird not gonna lie to ya'll
It started off with me at my Elementary school playground, right

Keep in mind that I haven't been to and/or took a single step in my Elementary school in years soooo this was weird
And for some reason I was being chased down or I was in trouble for some reason?? (I was actually a really bad kid in my Elementary school years bUT I'M A GOOD KID NOW SO YOU DON'T NEED TO WORRY--)

And I ran all the way up the hill where the playground was (From what I remember, there was a huge hill that lead to the playground I think??)
And I saw one of my IRL friends just sitting there (This friend of mine has actually been friends with me since Elementary school)

And I asked them "Dude I need to hide where can I hide" and they said "I don't know"
I didn't know who I was hiding from but I just look over down the hill and there's this weird fucking door that wasn't there before

So I ran down the hill and opened the door and walked inside
Only to be greeted to what appeared to be a washing room or a locker room or smth you'd see in Middle-High school not Elementary school

And I didn't know where to go so I just ran in the left direction
And I don't remember what happens at this part so I'm just going to say that my dream switches scenes to me in my Mid-High school (Yes where I live, after Middle School, it's called "Mid-High school'')

And for some reason I had to walk up the stairs area near the main office and the stairs looked twisted or something (Like those kinds of twisted spiral stairs you see in funhouses?? Yeah it was that type of stairs)
And I looked at the walls, and I saw my inspirations name "SansBirdie'' on the wall in some picture frame or something?? I don't know why SansBirdie was here but she was apparently

I don't remember what happened after this, so I'm just gonna say that my dream ended from there