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redesign - tomsworld in the 80s-90s by RAIINY-SKYE redesign - tomsworld in the 80s-90s by RAIINY-SKYE
I kept tw tord's design the same because, I thought he didn't really need a redesign tbh lmao
for tw edd, I made his hair go in his face and I kept his original color palette the same but changed up some of his clothes

for tw tom, I just made him wear a white shirt and a lighter shade of blue on his pants because in the 80-90s,
some guys wore that type of stuff so I just made tw tom's design the most simple pale in comparison to the others lmao

for tw matt, I just made his overcoat fluffier and I added an orange/yellow pattern on his pants
I also made his sunglasses say ''RAD'' in red, yellow, and blue colors

and for corruptom, I made him wear the same pants as tw tom but I changed what he originally wore
I just made him wear a purple/pink overcoat with a black tie and a white shirt because, some people in the 80s-90s wore shit that didn't match so I just made corruptom wore that and it honestly really fit

here's the original picture if you wanna check it out: TW TORD WORE GLASSES
also I didn't add shading and a background on this because, I wanted to make this into a ref JUST encase people make fanart

you don't have to make fanart, but you can use this as a ref encase you do lol
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