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     So last month was super busy and I need a bit of time to catch up on my progress so this month will be more focused on my Patreon and I may open for commissions later this month instead of today. Im not sure when but another update will be posted about commissions sometime during June. Im sorry if youve been waiting a month for a slot already, I just need a some time to catch up and get myself together.

Meanwhile I do stream more often now on my twitch:

and please consider my Patreon, I do artwork for Patrons each month!

thank you all for understanding, please keep an eye out for an update regarding commissions later this month
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Life happens; do what you gotta do. And reaching out like this never hurts; I know I appreciate it. :)
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Take your time Maru.

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that's understandable; i apologize, i should have asked sooner
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youre totally fine!!