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commissions are open!
Im not sure how many slots ill take but Im trying not to take as many as I used to~
anyway here are the details and prices lets goooo

Traditional:  Commissionsso i need to open commissions up now. Ill do my best to get everything done and submitted as soon as possible. 
here is the price list if your interested
fully colored one page comic- $40 like this one (adding more characters to be tf'd is +$10) this does NOT need to be increased when asking for Rainbowraven to tf you

full page comic, uncolored- $30 ading additional characters it +$5

3 panel transformations- $20 adding additional chars is +$5

single panel transformation- $8 adding additional chars is +$5

Im also adding traditional badges now too! these will run at $60+shipping
these are handmade, marker/colored pencil
matched with colored cardstock paper
Laminated to be shiny/durable 
and then sent to your location!

and please note: I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL
when you decide upon what you'd like just send me a note t

Digital:  Digital Commissions~?Time for some work to get done!~
Keep in mind some prices have changed so make sure to double check!~
Small Icons, cute faces will be base $25

Pic of a single character/animal Will be $40 (This is also flat color/shading) Adding another character is + 10

Waist-up pics of characters/animals/furries with blended shading- $50 (full body adds another $5) adding another character is + $10

Furry/character Ref sheets will be- $65 (flat color and shading, Blended shading adds another $10)

Sorry I havent included any comic prices yet (the things listed above already take alot of work, time and effort)
These arent emergency commissions or anything (dont feel obligated to buy an

thank you everyone for watching following commenting etc etc, it means alot <3
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i always miss comissions
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:D (Big Grin) Finally I can do the 2 commission request!
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Too bad i missed it again
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One day we might have to continue the story of Kou xD If I can catch you open lol
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Darn it. I was a few minutes too late. Was about to just commission something.
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Even with the limitations, I wish you luck Maru! Try not to get stampeded!
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I looked at the commission info. How do I get one set up?
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just send me a note or private message with reference pics of what you would like drawn and what they turn into or any other details you would like to have~
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Can you respond to notes? I probably should have asked this before sending one but I wasn't really thinking about it.
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Maru is a precious bean.

Also, not a cult btw.
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