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Raichu transfomation

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Commissioned by: :iconjust-a-username:
thank you for commissioning meeee~
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Cool! I like so much your pokemons transformation 😄
maticdizzy's avatar

Um hi I think your art is great and your comics inspired me to do something myself also to make a account here thanks for the unknowing push

Ghidoramon's avatar
Hmm...wheres Raiinbowraven?
SpiderBoy768's avatar

How do u commission

Chakra1412's avatar
Great to see an upload from you again when you return!  Still loving all the amazing artwork.  It's true we don't see many Pokémon turned human.  Maybe that a hint for a future comic page?
Mutanttepig's avatar

Yeah why don't you do that?

BeckTheFurryWolf's avatar

Hey, I see your human form is back, that's cool ^w^

acceldracyan's avatar
That person looks like Jeb one of the Minecraft developers
just-a-username's avatar

Now to suffer being pelted by Pokeballs that’ll not be able to catch me...

datdudeoverthere's avatar

If you turn a Pokémon human that Pokémon will go crazy and would probably eat grass off the soil

aqdrobert's avatar
Giovanni angry  Now, when I tell you to obey Team Rocket, you will understand me perfectly...
Dragonsfriend90's avatar
Rare tf where rainbow is in her human form :D

Awesome tf like always :3
Flare-Fox-34's avatar
Turn a Pokémon human? Nah, I'd rather become a Pokémon!
SoulCharizard's avatar
Turn a Pokémon, human?! That sounds bad. O.o
AnuOjat's avatar
I absolutely LOVE when people can keep their hair, eye color and some clothing!
It makes transformation far mroe personal and realistic, and way less... dehumanizing if that makes sense? :D
BioniclePokemonfan16's avatar
A RARE UPLOAD! It is a shame you don't upload more often. Even seeing some of the old patreon content would be nice.
HarveyPegasus's avatar
Let Rainbow RAICHU a prescription for TF XD
XxTheLatiosFanxX's avatar

Truly an excellent pun.

datdudeoverthere's avatar

Nice pun

I got it after 10 secs

confusedkangaroo's avatar
She has a point, doing it the other way around is less colourful and imaginative, at least to me. Technically he did get his wish so... have fun on those Raichu legs!
Ryusuta's avatar
Yep, she's pretty much spot-on. Also, Raichu! Wonderful choice for Pokemon. <3
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