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PMD Playthrough 2

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commissioned by @maximumeevee
this eevee is mega rare, its shiny and HAS BEARD :O
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(Casually brings out zamazenta with max attack and speed ivs and knowing close combat)

"I don't have a catchy one liner for this other than that this eevee is flareon toast!"

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This is the first time I seen an bearded Eevee!
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This is the most accurate representation I've ever seen of the first game.

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1. Bearded eevee needs to be cannon
2. Dose he stay as a Pokémon or return to earth
3. Great comic as always
4. And as a question is raven, Chris and the rest of the facility still a thing sorry if u have already addressed this and I haven’t noticed
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Therapist: Don't worry, BeardEevee doesn't exist, he can't hurt you.
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Bearded eevee looks really good, they should add bearded eevee as a DLC.
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Well he is gonna work at least :p

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As a working adult who loves PMD, this is awesome xD

Replace that with a Riolu with a sick goatee, and that'd be me xD

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Never thought I'd see an Eevee with a beard.
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At least he still keeps that magnificent hair and beard! No work, just rescue team work for you now.
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Beardeon DLC when?

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Omg eevee looks soooo strange witha beard
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Do you have a guide on how to do this in game?
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