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Jumping hoops

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prolly not the best to do if you cant jump back easily~
Artwork for my Patron Shorpies 
a link to my Patreon can be found here

Im not dead, just been doing more artwork for my Patrons and twitter~
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Hoop tft pooh (i treat hoop tfs as a meme)

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Aaaaaaaaah you are back!!!! Welcome back :DDD
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I may have freaked out a little when I saw this in my watches.

Excellent work as always!! You've improved so much since the last time I've seen ya!

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omg yoar bacK!!~

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YAY! its been forever raven! I'm glad to see you are returning as well! ^_^

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I swear, these ring/hoop TFs have been popping up all over the place these past few months. No idea why the idea exploded the way it did, or even where it came from originally, but I've seen some pretty clever applications and perspectives on how they work.

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Didn't expect you to ever do a pooltoy TF, but I love it!

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Finally the queen of turning people fluffy is back
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The king, actually!

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wait what ...

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i think since rainbow raven is a girl as a scientist it confuses people

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The old character was a girl, yeah, but the artist is male!

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You're back. I was worried something happened to you.
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You are back!!!!!

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Looks nice ^^

I hope you will do more hoop pictures ^^

I like the hoop idea ^^

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