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bubble primarina for my Patron Gorchard 
my patreon is here:
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Can you teach us how to draw men and women like you cause I want to improve my drawings.

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Can you make a wilderness survivor to kangaroo transformation(no tg please)?

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Im calling the security department

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Keep up the great work!

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Rainbo wraven is a valid troll name

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Can You Make Kenton Zoruark Tf?

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make more pokemon transformations please

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make more pokemon transformations

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I draw whatever I want thaaaaanks

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what he meant to say was make more Pokemon transformations "please"

emphasis on the "please"

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that one word does make all the difference ~

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Ah don't listen to em mate. Just draw whever ya please!
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Now Bubble Buddy can be a Pokémon trainer!


finally Raven is back!

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Haha a bubble shaped like a primarina. What do you think about that?
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It was highly effective.

Critical Hit!

Team Rocket Blasting Off Again 1Bossfacepalm

Team Rocket blasting off again. Can't Meowth, Jessie and James capture any Pokemon without fouling up?

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Strangel, I don’t think Popplio it‘s evolutions could learn bubble, even in generation 7, Though they really should have

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Dragonite can't learn FLY, even though trainers ride on it's back, sailing through the air in the anime. This multiverse has some strange rules. :D

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I think it can now, but it couldn’t in an old gen

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I wondered what those little wings were for!

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Yeen be blowin HARD

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Holy moly this is fantastic! I’d love to get something like this ^^

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Careful not to pop the bubble though!

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