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Mass Effect - Aliana Kryem

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This is what happens when you have an Asari OC but you are physically incapable of properly drawing humans or anything with faces similar to humans in a realistic style.

I took www.sodahead.com/fun/yes-or-no… this picture of Natalie Portman flaunting her lack-of hair, and took the second head fav.me/d4hs3ag here, and, bam! Natalie Portman as an Asari.

In actuality, I did this so I could have a reference for what my Asari OC's face looks like. Her father was a turian, and since he was the one who raised her, his clan markings were the ones she put on her face.

Please don't take or use this anywhere.
I'll only say this once. I'm not saying I take claim to Natalie's face or BioWare's Asari. What I do take claim to is Aliana as a character. So please don't take or use this image anywhere.

Note: I've posted this on my tumblr, as well. If you see it there, be sure the source/credit is given to rhaalia on tumblr, or me here on dA.
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OMG this is so gorgeous. Beautiful work!
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Hi Raiinb0w, Great job! I was wondering what kind of program do you use to morph these images together?
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Hey can i use your picture for my mass effect fanfic? Well not the picture, i just wanted to base the design of a beautiful asari on a beautiful picture, as it can be quite hard to describe the look of a person to others, and then i would mention your picture as reference. :-)
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Honestly I'd prefer you didn't. Her design--color and face design anyway, are very specific to my character. Sorry!
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Sure i respect that. Actually changed my mind since i've been going through a rewrite. :-)
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beautiful work !
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hey what do you charge for commissions? as I'm very interested in having you make one of these for me.
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freakin amazing
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Well done photomanip :)
I dig her markings!
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I love it. I always though of her as Jack, but she makes for a perfect Asari
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daaammn, looks incredible
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:stare: maker's breath
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Tossed this puppy onto Reddit, hope you don't mind. It's just a direct link to your page.

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To be honest I would've preferred this not posted on reddit, because I know how people on reddit are, removing water marks and running off with images, but, hell. /shrug/
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Seems like most people are defending the use of watermarks so far.

Sorry. But the response has been strongly positive over all!
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I saw that~ It was bout half and half, which is amusing. Removing it makes everyone happy, though.

It has!
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Don't forget to visit my gallery : )
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I have to admit, that IS a really nice watermark!
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Absolutely incredible
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Oh my God, I love Natalie Portman! :heart: This is a gorgeous picture, she'd make a pretty Asari for a ME movie! :love:
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I bet the watermark is there so that Bioware doesn't use it in the next game.
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ROFL oh man I was going to remove the watermark but this comment sdfgsdfg
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Too bad the watermark obscures the picture enough where I can't really see it...
RAiiNB0Wsharpii's avatar
Yeah. I noticed that after the fact. I originally posted it so no one would try and use it as their own, but, eh. fuck it. It's mine, and if I see it elsewhere, I'll just bitch 'em out. Nough said.</sub>
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