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Zangoose Shimeji


A Zangoose shimeji
to invade your desktop with.
Hit download to get it


a. Read this: [link]

q. How do I open this?

a. Extract the folder out of that .zip. Doubleclick shimeji.exe.

q. LIAR. That doesn't work!

a. Yeah that happens sometimes. Idk why though. When it does, go to [link] , download any file from there, and replace the img folder with the Zangoose's img.

yeah i'll get that shedinja up eventually i hope

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the links lead to the wrong place,

the right place should be for the normal shimeji


be sure to translate the page, i dont know what each button means so i cant translate for you
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found an english version of it from…
direct link to english version is

also zangoose <3
supersonic50's avatar
gentlecolts69's avatar
zangoose is always <3
supersonic50's avatar
mmhmm, zangoose is best (behind some others)
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FUCKING SHEDINJA! None of my pokemon have destiny bond, that's the only way you kill it!
Zurashii's avatar
So cute~ ;w;
Well done!
Elfuun's avatar
Oh, nevermind me orz
It's adorable!
Elfuun's avatar
Zangoose is my favorite! The mark is on the other eye though xD
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So cute. ♥
Well; it didn't work first, but i changed the files in "conf" cuz the XML are wrong.
I downloaded the "N Shimeji" and copied them.
Just change the two xml files and BAM! It works! :D

(I have Vista ^__^)

N Shimeji: [link]
ShunXJulief0revER's avatar
Can you PLease make a RAR file for this if possible!?
Icarus-Skollsun's avatar
This shimeji is too cute...very nice work !!!
:heart: Zangooooooooooose :heart:
Riygan's avatar
i can download this on .RAR?
DrawWithLaura's avatar
Uh... I re-downloaded it like... 7 times, I'm on Vista, and it just doesn't open.
And I know how to open them and what-not cause I have lots and am making one. I dunno whats going on?
raidragonair's avatar
Yeah it's really weird, I don't know what's wrong either. I'm just grabbing the folder and zipping it and it works for me, but not for people I send it to. :c
How do you usually package your shimeji files into .rar or .zip?
DrawWithLaura's avatar
Other rar files work for me O.o
I have the Zangoose Shimeji on my computer, but when I try and open it, the lil guy wont fall : /

Try doing a Zipped folder?
Zhampy's avatar
Bawwww it won't work, but i had a lookie at the images and it looks so cute <3 I have a friend who would love this XD
raidragonair's avatar
It's terrible I don't know what's wrong ;A;
You can probably just replace the img folder to get it to work though but idk orz
Raine-kou's avatar you go on /vp/? >___>
raidragonair's avatar
No man, my IP's like a bitch when I try to go on 4c. It's like, LOL U WANNA SEE PAGE? NO I WUNT LET U SEE PAGE half the time.
Raine-kou's avatar
Aw man. You should fix that in a MAGICAL WAY.
I was gonna say, cause of the whole Shimeji project on there. I think it kinda died out anyways. xD
-was totally working on Espeon and NOW I'M NOT-
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i can't get any of it working. D:
i have windows 7, if thats it. either way, when i tried to download the others the file refused to execute and it could not find one to use via the internet. any suggestions?
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