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Portrait Practice | Speedpaint

Painting with ArtRage 5 for the first time. :) Feel free to watch the speedpaint here:…

Programme: ArtRage 5 | Time taken: 1 hour
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Reminds me of Max Caulfield.
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Oh, yes now that you mention it. The hair looks pretty similar :) Just recently found out about "Life is Strange" so I had no idea who that character was when I painted this. I'm planning on making some fanart for that game as well^^
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Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! I love deviantART! 

I was a bit disappointed  to the fact that people never appreciated the HUGE efforts taken to portray yourself and convert it into your typical art style, I don't think anybody can achieve that so props to you, sister. Dance! 

Keep up the spectacular work! You never failed to impress me. Your art totally demonstrates the incorporation of hardwork and talent. Well done!:squee: 
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Thank you so much :hug: That's not a self-portrait. I just casually painted a face that came to my mind ;)
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Ohhhhh. Still, I think you've done an impressive job doing this. Tight Hug 
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This looks really great! All focus is on the beautiful eye. And the hair looks completely real, as if she's just came in from a slight rain. I especially love the way you used the white sprinkles. I've never seen this before in a portrait - and I must say, it does wonders.
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:love: Thank you so much!
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Very nice work!
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