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ZiX for AIMP3

By RaiderO1
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Skin for AIMP3

Modification: ZiX Mod

New Version
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Almost perfect but there is no ver. with playback/volume bars above playlist ;/
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?????? link download
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Look to the right.
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Would there be a version with playback bar ABOVE the playlist?
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I Love Windows 7 Borders
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Best skin ever, thanks for your hard work
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Best Aimp theme ever made!
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1st: Thank you for the quick response! :=
2nd: Sorry, I was unclear about the bookmarks. Your Screenie shows the entry to add a bookmark. I meant the list of bookmarks to choose from.
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Wonderful work, lovely skin! What keeps me off using it regularly is, that there aren't buttons for bookmarks and radio capture. Or wasn't I able to find them? Give me a hint :)
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Nice work man, fits my Windows skin really well. The only thing I don't like too much are buttons on the frame, but that's because I'm using this [link] so it doesn't match. Do you think you could mod that?
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Unfortunately the skin can not use the installed theme Windows.
I can not paint skins for each topic, if I do that to you, others too will want the such.
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Can I have the project file then so I can do it myself? I know maybe is asking a bit too much, but please think about it. Thanks for the reply btw
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Nice skin! one of the top best... But i have a humbe suggestion or a request really... that is, if you can make the "Windows 7 borders" more like the "Windows 8 Consumer preview borders" or maybe The non-aero windows 8 rtm borders.... i think you can make it as alternate versions.

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I'm not going to switch to Windows 8, I do not like her design :hmm:
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I do not like it much either, i use Windows 7 but with this theme [link] just for get the same appearance. Thanks!
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the best skin of AIMP!!!
I hope you can improve it better! :)
Currently using v2.3
I have suggestions of this skin:
-please separate the equalizer with visualisation! As when I press ''green Z'' the visualisation appears! I can see the equalizer if I disable the visualisation!
- please make it resizable of width as I can't make it wider to left and right!

Thanks! The best! :D
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Thank you.
Editor skins can not do two separate windows for visualization and equalizer. So I made ​​a compromise, or visualization or equalizer. Let everyone decide for himself what he wants to see in the window.
Remodel the skin will only after adding new features to the editor skins.
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ok, I got it! I'm used to it now!
Surely, it's the best skin! The spectrum is so awesome! Thanks for this!
Perhaps, if it can be wider (when unite) it could be better as it's stop to go wide in its maximum width!

Overall, I really like this skin! Thanks
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Excellent work, thank you :)
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wooooooooooooooooow! great job!
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