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ZiX Mod

Skin for Aimp3.

Modified version of ZiX [link]
© 2012 - 2021 RaiderO1
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I came here because i found the ZiX 3.6 at I wished to have the seek bar above playlist. The Mod has it exactly like this. But i dont like the aro style. The v3.6 style is much better.
So is there a possibility to have both? v3.6-style and seek bar above playlist??

Also a very nice addon woul be a wave form seek bar. That woukd be gorgeous bro!!!
Love the look of the player, love "aero" window and the width is just perfect. Only one nag: I'm missing STOP button. Also spectrum analyser (vertical bars) doesn't work full width for me (the last 10 or so bars doesn't "bounce"), don't know why, but it's the same with all skins that have spectrum analyser.
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Try different versions of the player. Stop button in the skins that will not happen.
Aero style doesn't work for me 3.6 solid dark frame imo so much better. Also EQ  on top of player really lack functionality since many people like to have player on top of screen and EQ force them to move player around to be able to use EQ. Overally one of best skins for aimp3.
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This is the old version, it already will not be updated.
Why I can't resize my window in order to get the player more "widthly" ??
I love the "aero" window :)
Thanks awesome theme
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Because it the window has a fixed horizontal dimensions.
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Best theme for Aimp3.
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Can you make it with Windows 8 borders?
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No, sorry. I have no free time.
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great skin ty i rly love it "D
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muy buenos eskines solo me gustaria saber si es posibles realizar algunos tipo winamp media tower? digo yo y si fueran tan amable de publicarlo gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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AIMP Skins se realizan en la Skin Editor
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Отличный скин! А можешь сделать RaiderO1 такой же скин, но с возможностью растягивать на ВЕСЬ ЭКРАН?
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Нет, это старая версия скина и она меняться уже не будет. А вот новая 3.5, как раз умеет растягиваться на весь экран ;)
I like the colors combination. tq. :)
Excellent! Compact, usable, look great. Your remake of foobar skin collected all the good from original one
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did your update was reZiZing the list items labels ?

nice !
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замечен глюк - когда поменять окно воспроизведения и плейлист местами, тоесть плейлист будет сверху, то кнопки свернуть-закрыть стают неактивными
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Это не глюк обложки, а недоработка движка плеера. Увы я тут бессилен.
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awesome skin !
please share shuffle and repeat buttons :(
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