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For anyone interested last night i created a redbubble account, it's a site that allows artists to upload their work so it can be printed on various products, for now i have uploaded all the wallpapers as phone cases i'm afraid it only offers cases for the samsung galaxy s line and all the iphones, in the future i'm going to upload my work for other products as well, tell me if you want some specific product so i can add it, please note that i don't have control over the proces i just provided the artwork, also i make around 20% from the price you see and it's the cheapest price i could use, if you are interested here's the link…
Hello everyone i know it's been quite some time since i logged in but the last month of 2016 was especially difficult for my family, especially for my grandparents for various serious health problems but it's all ok now after my grandpa's surgery he is now all better and since they left today for their home in the village i can finally have some time for my self again and of course draw again and i have a lot of work to do i need to make:

Gigi Giri Chambara
Jet Combat
Dragon Knight Hunter Z
Dangerous Zombie
Mighty Brothers XX (almost done it was mostly recolor)
also the Ghost and Ichigo
and their Gashat and of course i need to continue with the forms

I made the logos of those Gashats exept Ichigo and i will upload the immediately
So recently i'm starting to get more and more messages from my awesome watchers about other people posting me work, specifically the Ex-Aid stickers/wallpapers without my permission and without giving credit. So I wanted to address this issue here generally i'm OK with people using my work in their projects as long as they give credit now as for reposting i'm NOT OK in if it's in DeviantArt, if it's in other sites Facebook, Twitter etc i'm OK again as long as they give credit, i don't know all the groups and pages that exist so that i can post them there my self i only post my work here and the wallpapers on the Kamen Rider group on Facebook other than that you can repost my work with a proper credit. A proper credit is a link to my page or in any specific folder not just my name.

Thanks to everyone for informing me of the problem and a general thanks to all for your support !!!!
So with the latest scans of Ex-Aid i have one think to say I LOVE THEM i know it's only been two episodes but i absolutely love Ex-Aid all those designs are just so amazing i can't wait for new magazine scans so i can start creating the new forms, everything just looks amazing and with that said last year with ghost i didn't create all the forms i haven't even created Mugen and i really don't plan to but with Ex-Aid i'm certainly going to make them all just because they are awesome, of course i will continue with the various logos. Now for the gashats i really want to make them all but the designs are just so tricky (i'm looking at you Tattle Quest) i will try to do my best but please understand that they will take time to make and even so i'm not sure if i will have something good in the end so i might not even upload them. Ex-Aid seems very promising both in plot and in characters and especially in design, it's the first time im so pumped up for a Kamen Rider series and i have been around since Kiva which was when i discovered the Kamen Rider franchise and since then i've never missed a series and also i have seen Blade, Kabuto and Den-O.

So hope you understand
So with the new Rider less than a day away i updated my folder icons with Gashat images and also my Logo is now different only Pyrox's face and not the Eyecon
So it's been almost two months since i did anything in here and i'm so sorry for that but the adult world has catch up with me, i got a full time job and i really didn't had any time at all if anyone is working as a computer engineer you'll understand why it is especially in the first months. Anyway now thinks are a be better so i'm will try and catch up with everything i left so far.

So what to expect:

Mugen Eyecon
Deep Specter Eyecon and new Logo
Shakespeare Eyecon and Logo
Ishinomori Eyecon
ColumbusEyecon and Logo
Nightingale Logo and Eyecon (when released)
Dark Ghost Logo
Darwin Logo
Napoleon Logo
Axe Gamma & Book Gamma Eyecon and Logos
Deep Specter's Omega Attack Seal
Omega Attack Seal for Ghost Mugen (if he get's a new one)

and Zyuoh the World Animal Logos (when they update the site)

But for now i give you the updated Ghost Mugen Eyecon Logo
So i decided to remake all the eyecons and all the iris to make them more realistic also i make all the ones that i haven't done so far and finally i did zyuoger's numbers ,so expect to see 220 new notifications from me
Finally i got my laptop back, and so i finally make the Himiko Eyecon and the first half of Grateful Eyecon (Ghost Driver G) hopefully in the weekend i will make the legend Eyecons as well we'll see
I'm afraid i have some but news, two days ago my hard drive broke and is now in a very but state i have sent it to repair but there is a high chance that i lost everything including all my files from the artwork i created so it might take some time for me to make them again so I can continue to make the logos for Ghost. As for Gaim if the service won't be able to recover my files i won't be able to remake them. Anyway I will inform you with a new post as to what happened eventually.

Again Happy New Year to all !!!
So following today's scans of the Legend Eyecons i decided to make all of them at least the ones we see in the scans, even if we don't see them in any movie or special but we will have to wait for better images because I can't really see all the details.
Sorry for been away for so long but i had some personal staff to sort out and i had no time to create anything but now i am here again and to compensate for the lost time i am going to upload few thinks i made the last days with more to came !!!
So i finally decided to clean up my account a little and so i put all my stuff in folders, also i created folder icons because it looks better than having a preview and finally i changed my Deviant ID and Avatar with custom Artwork