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I got papa's Glasses

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Elysia : yaaaay :D
Hughes : Elysia-chan ~~ papa cannot see without his glasses .. ^^;

anyways this picture is for fathers day which is kinda like ... already over at my place since 3 hours ago XP... well.. not to you guys on the other side heheheh 8D;;;

nothing much to say trying somethig really different on coloring style :P ( a cookie if you can guess whose coloring style i tried XD )

outline this picture using Pen and color in photohsop :)

Happy celebrating Fathers Day !!! :D

Hagaren (C) Arakawa Hiromu
Illustrated by Raidenokreuz76


change the color tone slightly cause is toooooo soft ^^;
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Lady-KoisukiStudent General Artist
SO CUTE! :iconsocuteplz:
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MapleRoseHobbyist General Artist
aww, that's adorable!! Hughes really is a doting father... and Elysia's so cute >w<
Chibi-Serenity's avatar
So cute! I love it!!!!!!!!! :+fav: great job!
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awww >.< so cute! love the coloring done here. really sets the mood. ima go ahead and add this to my favorites.
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You did a good job on this,I like the coloring style used.
Hughes is one of my favourite characters ever. =) :+fav:
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wahhhhhhhhhhhh! i love hughes and elysia! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL HIM! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Vashtastic Digital Artist
soooo cute!
GaWd3Ss's avatar
that is so adorable! :cries:
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Very nice! The white highlights are a nice touch.
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Such a touching father-daughter moment! ^_^ :+fav:
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Awe that is so cute! I love it
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This pic is just making me GRIN from ear to ear just looking at it! VERY cute a nd the coloring only enhances the experience.
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OMIGOSH! that almost made me cry because that was just sooo sweet ;-; I lurve the art! Go Maes for being the best dad in anime =3 (Well, he is a very good one)
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Tsuzukimiaka Photographer
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Aww, that's sweet! Nice picture! :)
crie-crie's avatar
aww~!! :aww: that's so sweet!! ^^ too bad that... Hughes died.... T.T huhuhu!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!! :cries: *sniff* but it is indeed a GREAT work!! ^^ :floating:
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Kesenai-Tsumi Traditional Artist
That is so darling~ :heart: I love it.
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Oh noes~ Rai-rai is using a new colouring style! And it's Hughes and Elysia! :XD:
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hughs i heart him
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omg this is awsome ^^
i hate hte fact that he his... ><
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AWWWW~!!! That's so sweet~!!! :love: Father and daughter together!!!! :XD:
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gabbieHobbyist General Artist
AWWWW, this is the cutest thing EVER!!! I love the colors!!
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