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FMA Rhapsody Wallpaper

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and so ... i actually did it >_> i wallpaperized the FMA rhapsody picture wheee ( [link] ) >_<

( bleagh i actually made this a few days ago but im lazy to upload it 8D;;;;; )

so umm.. yah im also using this .. hope you guys like it XP

( its not like people going to use it mah ?? XP )

so umm.. i dont know which section to put here so ill just put them inn the scenery section *swt* *swt*

sorry guys.. ill upload new artwork soon ne *__*

( got lots of assignments to do and college re-opens this following monday eeeps >_< )

Hagaren (C) Arakawa Hiromu
wallpaper & Illustrations (C) me me
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kool but only one question why are there feathers ?
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I love your profile picture!
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KaizeruProfessional Digital Artist
oo ^_^ nice attempt in making him soak in water.
though at first look i imagined him in the sky O_o
most prolly need more water ripples.
the feathers are nice too.
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Edward looks so peaceful! WOnderful water effect tooooo :D
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nightcat82Hobbyist Artist
did kitty say about the girlish finger di?
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.....wet.....shinny.....transparent..... bye!
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>< new term..yah well the comments are the same as last tym^^...or did u fix the water O_O...if dats the case then kullz...
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limbebeHobbyist Digital Artist
*set as background*
huhu..the time u go to college, i'm at home gonyang kaki..:P cuti peristiwa..nah, i'll never gonyang kaki, so many hw to do..@@;;
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good fo ryou le XP

do your work earlier la so you can enjoy the rest of the day *__*

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Aha... the ripples look unnatural....

And the girly hands... ^^
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huhuhu ... since this is my first few attempts to make a wallpaper so the scenery doesnt look good ne 8D;;;

and girly hands is the way i like it :P
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LoLz.... As long as you're happy.... Ahaha...
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Waaaaaaaa !! And now in Wallpaper !!! > ///<
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mayuzaneStudent General Artist
YOWZA!!! Crap man this is better than what I could do >.<
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=3= So pretty. You did really good on this. Kudos! :clap:
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gyaaaaaa >_< i hate you, you can draw water, rawr. just kidding! this is very purty! *sets as wallpaper* :heart:
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Now thats a water...good job man.....:boogle:
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rose-starProfessional Traditional Artist
Awesome wallpaper! :D I'm gonna use it, too!
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Yay you posted it!! :XD::XD:
I like it nyaa :XD: I'm going to use it =D
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CalusoProfessional Filmographer
:omg: AMAZING COLORS and underwater effect I love it! n_n
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