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Drawn this to release stress >.< !!! all the best of luck for people who is taking Maths P4 tomorrow... >.< .. which i am going to too *___*

wish me luck guys :D *off to sleep*

fastest pic i ever did >.< color for 25 minutes only and did the bg like wat ? 15 minute O:

trying on chibi hohohohoho

quick sketch , quick ink , photoshop 7 works
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You realize there was no point in doing a chibi version of Ed cuz he's so short that normal Ed would still be considered chibi hahahah 
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very cute!!!!!!!! XD
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awww!! ed is so cute...
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this quickie pic looks cute eh...:love:
where's Edo going anyway? =p
arrrrggghhhh!!!!! my p4 is a total disaster T^T
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yeah XD quicky pic ah :P

:cries: yeah la.. my P4 also hancur >.< last 2 qns ahhhh D:
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ya la....especially no 6 atu la...ntah apa apa @_@ T^T
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Talk about releasing stress! Laju lagi tu T^T (jealous~~)
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:rofl: i still lol at the bastardised edited edo >D....
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SOOOOO KAWAII EDO!!!!! :love: Good luck on your test! :w00t:
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chibi goodness o-o
i'm jealous tat u can draw faces looking from tat direction *____*
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try to draw more and more the right face direction one !!! D:

cause .. i dunno oledy arrr .. XDDD im used to this direction liao 8_8 .. cause the usual direction is too cliche'

gambatte la >3
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aww so cuteeee XD

hehe your style looks a bit diff to usual XD

wahh so quick D:

eee gl on your exams ^^
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o-o >3

this is my noticeable style when i do chibi doodles... which i *dont* really post it online much hehehe XD

so what was your fastest cg pic ?? :P
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lmaoooo no such thing roflllllll, i am sooo slow .___.
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o_O D:

lolol you should have one or more pic that you did quickly ?? XD ... D:
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lol nah i dont think so TToTT
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cute! edo looks way cuter when he's shorter than he really is. :D :+fav:
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yesh, we likes
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awwww! so cute!!!!
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Your chibis are getting better, Rai~ Good job on this!
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Cool and good luck =D
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OWWWWWWWWWWWWW ultra cute rairai!
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