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Fight Your Dragon

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Who needs armor? But, 2D or not 2D, it reminds me of the unforgettable climax of Fumito Ueda's first game, ICO.

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This looks like out of a really cool storybook. I can't stop looking at it.
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this looks amazing :la:
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(When someone tries to roast you but you got a better roast)
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I love how simple and detailed it is at the same time. The colors a great but maybe it's a bit too blue, perhaps a darker/ less saturated color would look better?(just an idea) It does however make it feel as if the character is in a cold landscape. Love the cartoony feel to the pic, the fire and smoke is very satisfying to look at, the character looks great and powerful. Looks as if someone is telling a story and this is the imagination of the receiver :D Great job!
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I love the strength of the design / concept.

Great job
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Beautiful! Love it.
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fantastic, it looks like an ancient wall mural.
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Dopeness!! I love the style and detail!!!
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The styles reminds me a bit the flashbacks of Kung Fu Panda (take this as a compliment).
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"Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose Kung Fu skills were the stuff of legend. Also had a quarrel with a dragon" ))
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Amazing!-----------Love the design
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Thanks and cheers!
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