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Why is tiny. Little tiny Taimi from Guild wars 2, which I've been playing quite a lot recently.
Half way through the drawing I realized I drew Vanellope and not an Asura....UHH I MEAN THIS BE MY STYLE, YEP.
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"Remember that Chakk organ?"
"I tried to forget about it."
"I named it Spence!"
One of the best in-game conversation i ever heard :XD:
Taimi is such a fantastic character.
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This is just so adorable XD Hoorah for Gw2/Taimi love \o/
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Taimi is one of my fav chars in GW2, she's so damn cute and brave :aww: Great work!
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I absolutely love your style. You really bring out the cuteness of the character. Also if you don't mind me asking do you still play Guild Wars 2? If so what server?
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Best girl gw2
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omg your art is really cuute uvu
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This is adorableee
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I'M GONNA CRY FINALLY SOME QUALITY TAIMI FANART ;o; This is amazing! Thank you for drawing her!!
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Your style or not, you did good.  Better than the ingame model I'd argue, they (Anet) tried to hard to make Taimi look "adorable" and it didn't really work.
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A rather mean looking Vanellope Von Schveets.  Love it!
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Damn...I like this,
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"Taimi" means "seedling" in Finnish.
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Well thats endearing 
Aw yis! Favourite character in the whole game.
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My main is an asura engineer.
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HER BOW :heart:
I CAN'T TAKE THIS MUCH CUTE :heart: :heart: :heart:
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So awesome! More asura pleeasecheck out this cute pokemon 
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 I love this (´ω`★)
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neat little one =)
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Nice!  I like it!
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OMG I love her too! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] She's so adorable! Fellow Guild Wars-ian :happybounce: 
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Taimi is my favourite character from HoT. :D 
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