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Colored my succubus girl.
Because its night and I needed a warm up.
No not that kind of warm up...

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Amaze balls.....great job

Honestly I prefer this version over the new one you posted :p
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Neeeeed more of her! :heart: :heart:
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Absolutely beautiful!
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How much of my soul do i have to give fir cuddles?
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Feels like sinning just looking at her! 
Great and lovely work
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SajjukKhar's avatar
*plays with tail*
*plays with hair*

Shes too cute!
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I'm one of those "spiritually awake" Christian types (and hence heretical to most Christians), and this...this somehow represents my inner smex demoness: She loves me, she loves Jesus, she knows Jesus loves her, and that she has full permission to haunt my puritanical side for all of eternity because she technically still qualifies as an angel so long as she's being cute and loving while being seductive at the same time! >.<

Anyway, favorited for representing that a smex demon isn't inherently evil let alone something to be feared.
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Her expression is just so cute! :meow:
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love her, amazing work
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really good succubus 
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omgs shes soo cute < 3
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Aaaaaaaaw yiiiiiiiiiiiis. :meow:
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this is really nice I love it
JakeDuckingKun's avatar
Well, atleast it isn't arousing me. That would be bad news. lol
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I like very much the character design!
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