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Morning queues...

I tend to play in the mornings because in the afternoon am doing....suspicious stuff....
Anyways I mid with Viktor a lot. And every damn game I heard the same phrase on the enemy team which is :
What the f*** does Viktor do...????

-He makes ponies and shoot magical rainbows out of your ass....
*You have slain an enemy*

I like Vik's kit tbh....and its cool for him to be not the top picks and all....but come on at least know the guy -_-'

That is oil....he drinks oil.....because he is a machine....yaaeeeey.....
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Nice to see some more Viktor players out there, and especially nice to see some amazing Viktor art work! Looks awesome! 
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LOL this is fantastic!
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Yay!!! A fellow Viktor appreciator!!! ^__^
I'm happy to see some love for our favorite Iron-Man, he desperately needs it
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naaah....just a rework on his passive and he's a boss
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I heard he will get a rework at some point soon.
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ah, another fellow viktor player? sweet
you made him look really great.

he's a beast, and the amount of people that are unfamiliar with him is pretty staggering.
so often I've been called a hacker for having so much AP early on(dat hexcore:death 4 minutes in yo)
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he really does get a lot of ap, I usually end the games with 700+ ap. In which my other mids i finish with 500 at least. Still having one less item slot is a hindrance because your limited early on and fast (Do I buy pots, do I buy wards or do I get a component of my next item etc. etc.). His burst is ridiculous though i love it.  ^^  
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indeed, but a 30% burn on your manage damage spell + 99 AP, that also pokes at an insane range is worth it, imo.
then again, his burst is insane, chaos storm is so incredibly strong and disruptive
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Viktor is awzum, and dis drawing is cool. Nice job!
And yeah, Raychiyo, you promised to draw another Drogonscale Shivy with hairtail :3
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Thanks and yes....i do have to draw shyvana....x.x
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He's neat. Strong, with nice kit and all. There is only one thing i hate in him..

Fucking invisible lazor.
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lol be glad its the invisible laser and not the double ult cast, now that was op....
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