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Commission for :iconthenameugiveme: 



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She's Gorgeous!! :omg: :heart: :love:

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Is that you luffy?
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Quite a lovely lass. :)
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Now, I don't want to sound rude or something like this, but something with her right arm doesn't fit for me, it's like she has a curve in the forearm that keeps freaking me out. Is it just my eyes tricking me?
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Oh, forgive me, it WAS my eyes tricking me, her wrist is twisted, isnt' it the thing? Oh, it's a relief to realize that, sorry to bother your awesome artwork
DailyMajkel's avatar
owowo! it's getting hot here~ great artwork, and soooooo nice looking character ^^
Sexy and stylish. 💞❤💕😍
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Love your style and the colouring is outstanding.
gusolsan's avatar
Beauty for ever!
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Teach me about ur drawing technique plz!!!
:icongwahplz:      :iconraichiyo33:

From ur sketch dump its clearly that u use lineart in sketch phase, but somehow everything seems blended well in your finished piece
Even the sketchy part seems great, im really wondering how did u do that...

I have tried to draw using grayscale technique before and somehow it end up kinda different and color picking phase become a bit complicated
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I would like to commission two characters busts (though I would prefer full bodies), of our convention mascots. 

Let me know if you are available. 
Chaosfive-55's avatar
I want to live in the dimension where your girls exist.
MDetector-5's avatar
She looks very adorable :)
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