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September 25, 2016
Lucio hops into action in this vibrant and colorful piece by Raichiyo33
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by Andorada
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I was commissioned by DeviantArt for Blizzard to draw one of the character in their upcoming game Overwatch. I got Lucio the DJ freedom fighter.

In drawing him I immediately thought of extreme sports like snowboarding or rollerblading. The sports and the athletes movements really helped me with figuring out the pose for him along with other inspirational characters from past early 2000's games, which I was really fond of when I was young. He has surprisingly a lot of detail which proved difficult drawing them in angles, guess you could say it was hard to break it down.

Also look at the other titanic artist that where commissioned too D:! Its like walking among giants!

Edit: Aw yeah that DD, Thank you so much!
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ยฉ 2016 - 2021 Raichiyo33
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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Yeah this looks awesome! I like the pose especially!
aciddmaus23's avatar
really amazing image wow?
jJapU's avatar
sweet. like the style
piip-er's avatar
This is gorgeous!! I absolutely LOVE the dynamic pose, it's very realistic while still having a slight comic-look to him! God, I love this.
deooART's avatar
shunter071's avatar
Awesome! Great work!
wilnet1tractor's avatar
That shadow looks hair raising.
jamjam29's avatar
Damn good work!๐Ÿ˜Žโ˜๏ธ๐Ÿ‘
KenpachiSenseiSNK's avatar
LadySionis's avatar
ah snap! this is so cool!
Teban1983's avatar
gran trabajo bien hecho!!!
Crizzalis's avatar
Wow sick art dude
aurora-princess's avatar
Handsome boy! <3 I love it!!
sweetdreamz12's avatar
your drawings are amazing!
Evodolka's avatar
not a massive overwatch fan but i can admit some character are really cool :)
like this guy
CliffOG's avatar
Amazing how things that used to be reserved to a reclusive percentage are now becoming increasingly available to all of us. Mad skillz bruv. Keep em coming
robakabob's avatar
I just found my new phone background
CaraDePastel's avatar
xXAlshaniXx's avatar
My heart stopped * omg i'm so speechless right now your art is so gorges!!! my dear i'm going to die!!!!* this is so amazing!!! i'm going to watch you now lol keep up the fantastic work looking forward to seeing more from you <3
GiovanniRSilva's avatar
I was main Lucio, nice drawing
rafikator's avatar
il keep this one in mind if i ever make a video while a play as him a lot
BlkPanther462's avatar
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