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Uhhh...for you mythology....k...


Sorry for not replying on the commissions, Ill get to them as soon as I can.

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I love how adorable her facial expression is while being worried. The cartoon artstyle you utilized is well suited for this character.
IamHewolf's avatar
She has Huge..... tracts of land!
KuroNekoKeef's avatar
Simply beautiful … no more words … everything is so neat !
SpecialKitty1's avatar
Nifty with a sense of insight.
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ChroniclesofTimeLord's avatar
I like those mountains of majesty. 
tehwatcher's avatar
1st wait she greek?

2nd she si beautiful
GeometryArtist's avatar
tHATS SOOOO Hot like spicy sauce
bigbrainmonkey's avatar
so no one seems to have pointed this out so far but uh... is that a snake-gina towards the bottom of the picture?...
lowwlyy666's avatar
makes sense to me - its easier to study when there are faces to put to the names.  superb work.
Zanthor-DG's avatar
I want her to beat me up.
Sacred-Ass's avatar
Madwon's avatar
Hmmm.  I should be slapped for thinking about snake milking.....
Madwon's avatar
Yeah.... I didn't think I was going to get away with it.
Everyone knows that constrictors are never venomous.  
Had to try. 
Good lord those ABS!
Nodox's avatar
She's beautiful !
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JayKorna's avatar
"It's for studies" 
"nope, bullshit. You can trick them but you're not tricking me"
Lightninging63's avatar
...those must be some pretty hard studies... I mean no wait
Gunther-Ray's avatar
And she's back!  Fantastical!  Always liked mythology... another stupendous job.
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