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These arent my glasses...

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Love the art you do of this character - she's just overflowing with personality!

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why is she killing him tho?
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Maybe she is turned-on by the thrill of it! She seems to be enjoying it!

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I'm just like, what did he do?
BarbarianBoy444's avatar

Perhaps nothing! Maybe he just look hot and wanted to give him a bone-CRUNCHING hug!!!

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Ooh, cool! I like that she has ridges rather than just being another super-smooth snake-person. :nod: (I appreciate that type of design, too, but it's fun to see something different!)
Damn girl! You’re deadly!
The-Antichristrix's avatar
Absolutely love it! I'd let her smother me too :heart: 
Monstrousheart's avatar
Oooooooh *winces* that arm is dislocated for sure 

excellent art btw, have you ever considered using your skills to make a living? I think you'd make quite a lot off it.
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"   When I said im cold-
   blooded and want my
   man to warm me up...    "
   Lamia by Raichiyo33  
"   ... when it's getting
   cold, I wasn't asking! "

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Harold... did you say something sexist again?
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didn'T know I could be into something else than human girl!!!

but I must train a little!!! don't wanna die from just a hug!!!
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Oh my. That must be fun.
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Lamia: I said I want to bare your offspring.
Exempdent's avatar
He's touching her scales.

He's touching her scales!


Lucky son of a...
Endermob11's avatar
Honestly? it looks like he's reaching for help so i wouldn't exactly call this guy "lucky"
Exempdent's avatar
There are worse ways to die than being constricted to death by a beautiful Lamia.

And besides, she doesn't look like she's actually killing him to me.

More likely, she's trapping him cause she wants someone to talk to.
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gorgeous but deadly!
Exempdent's avatar
Angry [Adventure Time] Lucky Bas@#$%
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She can choke me out any day. Hot damn.
DunkleMaterie's avatar
When your are pwning your (Lamia) girlfriend in arguments a little too much.

¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
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Love the bondage!
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