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Private commission that was overdue since last year I dunno how long early summer ha. Postponed due to lack of skills that I now think I got....

Brown hair master race (AUBURN WHATEVER)

Miao~ facebook
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Almost got pissed because she want frisk 😂
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Found you uncredited on a random quote Facebook page. o 3o…

Glad I found it, because I love your art, but even more happy that Google Search by Image is a thing.
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^_^ i think i found my waifu
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Damn this girl is cute ...
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one day...I'll be rich and famous, and I'll be able to afford your services <3
"Master race?!"  Because she's white!?  Whoa, dude.
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Pretty and cute....
Nice one!
She looks so playful and fun.  The detail on the clothes, necklace, and features is great.
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Coming from posting on Imgur.
Awesome art! Thank you for sharing!
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You should draw her more often. She's worth it! And we can see she inspires you.
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I was talking about the girl in the picture.
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Yeah and she looks like Ahri from League Of Legends
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I have to say to you that your submission have inspired me for creating a character in a story i'm writing. I found her face expressive and so beautiful. You have made a really great masterpiece. I want to show you my profound respect.
With respect.
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