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Try out some things with this, mostly shadows and colors.

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She thinks to me,i knew it.

Join me or add meh in ROBLOX:GeometryGuy01 and my bro GeometryGuy010
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Personally this is one of the best concept introduced to me.
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This is another one that keeps pulling me back to it, but at least I know why on this one... I love the far-off look in her eyes.
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Wow, this looks quite gorgeous! :D
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Magnificent! While its very unlikely an artist of your caliber will be able to get back to me on this, I was wondering how you find your color pallets. Im relatively new to art and need more practice with color so I was wondering if you got your pallet from somewhere or just have an eye for color.
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I mostly try out colors for fun, tend to go with beige.
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Sorry, I don't know if you know, but your artwork got stolen here:
Minions3 by I-Love-Minions
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you bloody retard i didnt steal it. this moron stole it FROM ME!!!!!!!
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Oh grow up grow a pear of balls and leave me alone
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die in a hole pls

like literally

eat sperm and die in a hole :D
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You're real mature for a Sonic the Hedgehunk doll.
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What an insult coming from a dude who steals artwork.

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How was it an insult?

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very very pretty
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Beautiful lighting, full of story.
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Woah I want to draw like you >~> great shadows byw
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I love your cartoon style. Just the right amount of detail. A lot of people either do too much or not enough.
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