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-But rai, where's Mei/Ciri/Fiora/Shyv/Brienne/Dogs/this kid/that charr/my waifu/Nick wilde/Henrietta?

- :| ....Oh look at the time, I have to be somewhere.
A experimentation. 
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Prettifure!@! Bowzs... my lady!

Pretty girl, love the hair. 
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beautiful, love the way you drew the curly hair :aww:
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I freaking love this. Mixed/Black girls are super cute. :)
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I keep seeing the likenesses of friends and even former girlfriends in these. Beautiful even without my bias. :)
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This is simply beautiful! I really like the placement of the hand... and THAT HAIR! Wonderful artwork!
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My friends keep sending me your drawing claiming that she looks like me :))) .. it's a beautiful drawing good job
Another gorgeous lady! By chance do you have a tutorial for how you draw curly hair?
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Her hair is amazing!
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Ei Raichiyo! Procure por Juliana Alves e Sheron Menezzes no google!
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oh wow dat hair style *O* looks so good on her :heart:
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Missandei from Game of Thrones Love 
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I was going to say that too
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What character is this? She's lovely!
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Excellent. May I also use the share function to post this to my sideblog on Tumblr?
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Curls and Swirls! My loves <3
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Curly hair has always been a struggle of mine. This is so beautifully done!
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I like your drawings. Disney Anime :)
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like this one too
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